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As his tiny chihuahua, Little Tyke, sits on his lap, 24-year-old Brian admits he sometimes uses the dog as a diversionary tactic. "I'll have someone hold him up and be like, 'Look,everybody. look at the cute puppy!' Then I can slip by fans unnoticed." hmmm...chihuahua or Brian? Don't think we'd be fooled. Are you guys competitive? We have our little pow-wows and our ins and outs, but we all have the same goals and we have our plan in progress-a new album, the whole thing all over. Here we go again! Do you live out here most of the time? my girlfriend has an apartment out here. but I live in Orlando, so we're both East and West Coast. How do you know your girlfriend's not just with you because you're a Backstreet Boy You have to be very careful. Being in this buisness, you get a lot of friends and family members that you never knew you had and people trying to get in touch with you. You have to have a thicker guard. Are you good moneywise? i try to be. A lot of people really flip out when they come inot alot of money and lots of people look at us as being multimillionaires. let me tell you, it's not like that. i have $20 in my wallet. Because? because my girlfriend's got the rest of it! What do you do in your downtime? Try to remain as normal as possible, I watch a lot of Sports Center and play a lot of basketball, tennis, golf. Really? Are you 100% OK as far as all the heart stuff? Yeah, I just went for a check-up, and everything's good.

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