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Hot off the press!

Welcome to the news section. I try to put any news I get the instant I get it so check back from time to time. Updated 9~11~99

MTV IS SHOWING BSB VIDEO LARGER THAN LIFE ON SEPTEMBER 13th ON TRL! BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR TV GUIDE FOR TIMES AND HAVE YOUR TAPE AND VCR READY!!!!! ****** ****************************** The group's new single and video is "Larger Than Life". It will be released to radio next week and the Joseph Kahn directed video is due to hit MTV shortly after that. Look for both the full length audio and video of this song to be avilable in the media section at soon!*************** ****************************** In other BSB news, a special remix version of "I Want It That Way" will be available on the soundtrack to the upcoming movie Drive Me Crazy starring Melissa Joan Hart. The Drive Me Crazy soundtrack is in stores on September 28th with the movie hitting theaters on October 1st. The soundtrack also features (You Drive Me Crazy) Crazy--(The Stop Remix!) by Britney Spears, One For Sorrow by Steps, Sugar by Don Phillips & Unforgetful You by Jars of Clay amoung others. If you can't get enough of those five fine guys, remember to check often for all the latest music and information on the BSB and now for even more of the Backstreet Boys and othere great artists you'll like, check out this! GO HOME!