©Royal Pictures, Inc. 1996

Story by Robert Brent

Screenplay by Deborah Greenspan and Robert Brent


Jacob leads the boys to a small lounge area where a door marked 
"Ladies" is tucked around the corner.  Jacob goes up to the door 
and knocks.  Aaron and David are confused but don't say anything.  
A small peephole opens and an eyeball appears.  The door opens.


A large man, looking out of place with his huge hands and rough 
face, shows them to the stairway.  The boys follow their father 
down the stairs and stop in front of  heavy velvet draperies.  
After a pause, Jacob holds back the drapes like the introduction 
to an entertainment.  It looks like the land of Oz as seen from 
Kansas.  The boys step inside the Casino.


While the restaurant had been elegant, this is another level 
altogether.  Crystal chandeliers break the light into millions 
of shards of brilliance, all reflecting off the jewels of the 
women, the glass, the mirrors. The men are dressed in tuxedos 
and black ties, the women in expensive evening gowns and furs. 
Cigarette smoke lazily curls through the air, and the  sounds  
of clicking dice, steel balls spinning off roulette wheels, 
cards being shuffled, and chips being moved across felt table 
tops, mix with jazz music and the yells of players, into a 
pleasing cacophony that sets Aaron's pulse to racing. At the 
end of the aisle, the baccarat tables look like twin 
tabernacles, and everywhere he looks he sees money--money on 
the tables being exchanged for chips, money in hands, money 
being placed in drawers, money being handed to the cocktail 
waitresses and chip girls. David observes a man reaching into 
his jacket for a cigarette and catches a glimpse of his gun 
and holster. Looking up, Lenny sees the mirrors on the ceiling 
and nearly trips over his father's feet.  They approach the 
money cage in the far corner and watch three men handling bags 
and drawers of cash, while Jacob talks to a man.  People come 
up to the window and exchange chips and cash through the 
opening. They are standing next to a blackjack table and Jacob 
is talking to one of the pitbosses. The dealer signals the 
pitboss, who walks over to the table. He exchanges words with 
the dealer, and with a man at the table, takes a card file 
from under the table and looks through it. Then he goes over 
to the money cage and returns with ten thousand in cash, which 
he takes over to the man at the blackjack table. The man signs 
a marker which the pitboss turns in at the money cage. After 
this, the boys look at Jacob, who leans over to speak to them.

		I have an added surprise for you boys.  
		But, you all have to promise me that it 
		will be a secret between us men.  Not 
		even your mother can know.

Aaron and David look at each other.

		I know I have your word that you won't 
		tell anyone about this casino, but what 
		you will see now is even more important 
		to keep a secret about.  That is why I 
		am excluding your mother.  She would not 
		be happy with me if she found out.  Well?  
		Do I have your word?

		Yes, Papa.

Jacob looks down on their faces.

		You swear?

		Yes, Papa.

		This is special.  Special permission we 
		have.  No one is allowed.  No one.  Do 
		you all understand how special we are?  

		Yes, Papa.

		That means we must be very strong in 
		keeping this secret between us. You'll 
		disappoint me very much if any of you 
		ever say anything.    I am very serious 
		about this.  Now, do you want to go 
		upstairs with me?
The boys, eyes wide, nod their heads solemnly.

		Good.  Stay close and do not wander 
		at any time.  Now follow me and be 
		very quiet.  No talking.

Jacob signals and the cage door buzzes and he pushes it open.  
They step inside and the door closes behind them with a solid 
click.  They are facing another door.  This inner door buzzes 
and they follow their father through it.


The boys stay close to their father as he climbs the stairs 
and reaches another door with a peephole.  Jacob knocks on the 
door and the peephole opens.  His father speaks softly with 
the man on the other side.  The peephole slams shut and then 
the door opens.


They are in a room the same size as the casino.  It is dark 
and quiet.  People are frozen in place looking through the 
windows on the floor between their feet.  These are one way 
mirrors on the ceiling of the casino through which they can 
observe everything that happens.  The light from below casts 
a grim glow on the faces of the watchers.  Each man is 
wearing a headset in order to hear the conversations taking 
place at the bugged gaming table which he is observing.  
Each man is wearing a shoulder holster and gun. Leaning 
against the walls and chairs are rifles, shotguns and 
automatic weapons--an arsenal.  Jacob signals the boys and 
they follow him.  He puts his finger to his lips to remind 
them to be quiet.  Finding a good window to view the action, 
Jacob motions for the boys to gather around.  They peer down 
through the floor as if looking through the floor of a glass 
bottom boat at some lighted underworld of the deep.  The 
boys watch, fascinated, as the cards on the blackjack table 
are turned over, and chips and cash are moved on the table.  
A chip is placed in front of one particular dealer and he 
takes it between two fingers, and turns it in the air 
slightly before placing it in his pocket.

		He's showing the man up here that someone 
		has given him a tip.

The same dealer now places his hands together as if in prayer, 
rotates them back and forth, shows the back of his hands and 
turns them palms up, then leaves the table

		He's showing that he has nothing in his 
		hands and that he is taking a break.  
		See?  Right away, a new dealer comes in 
		and takes over.  And it's the same up 
		here.  A man is coming from the rest 
		area over there to replace this man who 
		has been watching over here.

		They don't lose any money that way.

		Look at all that money.  It's like you 
		could reach down and grab it.  Wouldn't 
		you like to have some string and sticky 
		gum right now?

		String...everyone's on strings...

The WATCHER at their window suddenly calls an upstairs pit 
boss to come over and observe, and the boys watch excitedly, 
trying to understand what is happening below.  The DEALER 
sweeps the cards and as his hand passes the WOMAN sitting on 
the end, he pauses for an instant, barely noticeable, and 
touches her fingers.  The watcher and pit boss observe 
something between the dealer and the woman--eye contact, a 
certain smile.  They don't know what is going on, only that 
something is.  The woman reaches for her drink at the end 
of the table and drops something.  It sparkles as it hits 
the carpeting and bounces toward the dealer's feet.  The 
dealer reaches down and retrieves it.  

		He's asking if she's dropped something.

He presses his earphones against his head in order to hear better.

		She's telling him, "Thank you, yes, my 
		ring must have slipped off when I picked 
		up my drink."

The dealer returns the woman's ring to her hands and begins 
shuffling the cards.

		Bullshit!  Who the fuck do they think 
		they're kidding?  Son of a bitch.  I 
		knew he was a punk!

He picks up the house phone and gives some instructions, accentuating 
each word with the stab of his first finger downward into the air.  

		Table 5...bring that bum up here...and 
		the woman on the end.

Through the window, we can see two bouncers gently taking hold of 
the dealer's arms and escorting him away.  A PIT BOSS, down below, 
approaches the woman and speaks to her.  She shrugs her shoulders.  
There is a loud banging at the door to the upstairs room, and when 
it's opened, the two bouncers drag the dealer in, much more roughly 
than they'd treated him downstairs, and take him into the owner's 
office.  That door closes and the entry door opens once again, 
this time to let the owner in.

		Who is he?

		He's in your office.

		Bring the woman up here.  You know what 
		to do.

He goes into his office and slams the door behind him.  Down below, 
the woman is gone, and the game has gone on as if nothing has 
happened.  There is another knock at the upstairs door and the woman, 
escorted by the downstairs pit boss, is brought in to face her 

		We got you dead-bang.

		Will someone please explain to me what 
		this is all about?

		Was he going to make a big winner outta ya?


		Come on, lady.  The dealer.

		Did I do something wrong?

		We saw what was going on between you two.  
		We even have it on film.


		Look, you're not in any real trouble, not yet.  
		But if you lie to these men, I won't be able 
		to help you.

		I swear!  I didn't do anything wrong!

		I'll repeat what I said.  We saw what was 
		going on between you two.

The woman turns to the downstairs pit boss.

		Tell him.  You were down there.  Did you 
		see anything going on?

		Answer the man.

		I'm losing my patience.
One of the bodyguards comes out of the owner's office and hands 
something to the upstairs pit boss.  He comes over to the woman 
with a smirk on his face.

		We got the ring.  It was in the dealer's 

The woman breaks down and cries, covering her face with her hands.

		You're barred from here, forever, and from 
		every gambling joint in the states.  Take 
		your hands away from your face so we can 
		take a picture of you.  You fucking whore.  
		We're sending a picture of your cheap puss 
		to everyone so they'll know.  And forget 
		the ring, it's ours.  Now get the fuck 
		outta here before I lose my temper and 
		give you a beatin'!

The two men finish with her and lead her out of the room and down 
the stairs.  From the owner's office come the sounds of the dreadful  
beating being meted out to the guilty dealer.  As if coming out of 
a trance, Jacob takes his sons by their hands and makes his way 
toward the door.  The watchers have never taken their eyes from 
their appointed tables.  The bodyguards drag the bloody mess that 
was the dealer out of the office.  The boys watch as the battered 
man is taken down the stairs.


The boys are sitting in the car, waiting for Jacob to get in.  

		Well, I guess someone'd have to pretty 
		stupid to steal from this place!  

		Guess your string and sticky gum isn't 
		such a good idea, huh?

		Nah.  You know, if it was me, I would've 
		shot the guy.

		I wonder how much money he was trying 
		to steal?  How much money could be worth 
		the risk?

		Who cares.  It wasn't his.  They should've 
		shot him.

		That's no good for business. 

		Why not?

		It's better if he lives to tell what 

Jacob gets in the car, shuts the door and turns on the engine.

		So boys, what do you think of my world?

											FADE OUT

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