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Adaptive Technology Links

Power Point tutorial submitted by Theresa Billotti


Adaptive Technology

This is a paper that discusses how computers (mostly software) can help students with ADD learn

Stephen Hawking’s Homepage, where he talks about his disability, and it gives a really good overview of what can be done even when you are significantly disabled, if you have help and resources.  Stephen Hawking is considered to be the most brilliant minds of our time – an equal to Einstein.

Downloadable Braille Materials for people who have severe visual impairments

Library of Congress website for talking books and other materials for visually impaired people

Animated ASL alphabet for people who want to learn ASL (American Sign Language)  Good resource for teachers and students

The Caption Center.  The people who put close circuit captioning on television for people with hearing disabilities

Great site for explaining what it is like to have a visual impairment, and how difficult it can be to function in a visually oriented environment like Windows.

An educational site that focuses on child development and the special needs of special children.  Lots of really great links.