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Overview: The Walt Whitman Academy in Guayaquil, Ecuador was founded in 1994 as a private, coeducational, prekinder through 12th grade, college preparatory day school. Guayaquil is a north western South American port city of over two million people with perfect (if you like warm) year-around temperatures between 75F & 95F degrees.
Students: The 1997 enrollment was 485 students, we expect over 600 for 1998. 88% of students are Ecuadorian, remainder from wide range of nationalities. Faculty & Staff: Teaching staff consists of 85 persons, 85% Ecuadorian, the rest foreign hired professional native English speaking teachers and two Russian music teachers. A large number of staff hold masters & doctorate degrees. Approximately 75% of Ecuadorian staff are bi-lingual. Facility: The academy is located on a 45 hectare (112 acres) campus on the western limits of the city (at Km. 20, via a la Costa). There are presently 28 classrooms, two computer labs, art/dance/music room, video room, cafeteria, six soccer fields, three baseball fields, two swimming pools, basketball, volleyball and other sports areas. Also a library with over 4,000 volumns. The school is located on about 15 hectares, the rest of the campus is forest. Curriculum: Curriculum prepares students for colleges and universities in Ecuador and abroad, principally in United States. Strong emphasis on English as a Second Language. Secondary English curriculum uses literature as a base for learning. Additional Information: Walt Whitman Academy experienced the largest school opening in Ecuadorian history and is now recognized as one of the top schools in the city. Computer instruction is from 1st grade. First graduating class in in January 1999. Extra Curricular activities include soccer, baseball, cheerleading, softball, volleyball, basketball, chess, swimming, chorus, violin, guitar, drama, equestian training, and other weekend activities for teachers and parents. The school's "Noche de Gala" Gala Night, held in the Civic Center, has been copied by 10 schools in the city as a way to show off our students and their talents. School year is April through December. The founder, S. James Whitman, is also Director and teacher. The principal is Ines Fernandes de Cordova who has 25 years experience in school administration. All foreign hired teachers are university graduates and specialize in EFL/ESL. Foreign hired teachers have come from American International College, Yale University, Middlebury College, Grinnell College, Connecticut College, Boston College, Clark University, CUNY, Univ. of Massachusetts. Additional Mailing Address: Write to James Whitman, Walt Whitman Academy, QS#2387, PO Box 599000, Miami, FL 33159 or E-mail: