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The OFFICIAL Wade Fennig Page

Wade saying Hi Kerri
This picture was taken in August 1999 in Edmonton, Alberta, where Wade taught hockey camp.
Hi Wade. I miss you!

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***NEWS: Wade has retired from hockey.......however, this page will stay up
as a dedication to a great player, a good friend, and a wonderful guy.***

This Canadian was born on September 13, 1973! Wade has a few different nicknames.
The ones I know of are "Fenner" and "Fenn-wa".

More about WADE! Wade is a star!!

Wade graphic that Ron created

Thanks to my wonderful Pensacola Ice Pilots friend, Ron, for creating this wonderful graphic for me of my favorite Tiger Shark!!

Pictures of WADE

Wade mug shotThis picture was borrowed from Mike Bennett.

*Thanks Mike, for letting me borrow it!!*

Awards/Honors of Wade

ACAC Most Valuable Hockey Player
ACAC All-Conference Hockey Player
nominated for Sexiest Tiger Shark
1997-98 season Lamplighter Award
1997-98 season Kids Club Award

Bronze award

Wade Jr.

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****VIEW Wade's Online Get Well Card that I created while he was on the IR list!!

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***Thanks to my good friend Vanessa, who created the title graphic for this page.***

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