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Here we are at the curriculum section of the website, and you are expecting to find out where to send the check, right???

Quess again. Finding curriculum is going to take more time than teaching. If you have not read the topic of learning styles , do that now, especially if your child has never been to school. Finding your child's learning style will help you make the best choices in curriculum.

Keep in mind that curriculum is a learning tool and not the rule. If you and your child find that you don't like a choice, discard it and move on. (Save it for the used curriculum sale in the spring).

When I wrote Home Schooling 101, I chose five curriculum styles that were prevelant and are still widely used. This is what I found.






All in all, remember that a child learns all the time. What he or she learns doesn't have to come from a book. It can come from a game or from the lens of a camera, or looking into the night sky.


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