Jayme Engstrom

Missing Since:

Last seen in
Clearwater , Florida

  D.O.B: 11/13/1971
55 tall
110 Ibs.
Blonde Hair
BlueGray Eyes.

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Jayme Engstrom 1993
We are Jayme's family and are asking for your help. It has been over 7 years since we have seen her. Although our hopes of her being found alive are not as high as they once were, we do believe in miracles. Jayme got caught up in the world of drugs at a young age and despite many efforts to get clean, her addiction was to strong for her to fight. Maybe someone out there has seen her at a shelter, a clinic or a hospital, if so, please send any information you may have about Jayme to   Jayme's family  :  Send this page to a friend or family member!   Click Here

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