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The Love of My Life

Kozmo is a Poicephalus Senegalus aka Senegal Parrot. Senegal parrots originate in Senegal Africa. They average about 9" in length and are known to be quieter than other parrots.

Kozmo hatched June 14, 1995. I brought him home August , 1995. Kozmo is a domestically bread hand fed parrot, I finished up his hand feeding. What a great experience. Deciding to purchase a parrot as a pet was one of the best choices I’ve made. Anytime I am at home Kozmo is out of his cage. He loves to torment the cat and he also likes to play with the dog. Kozmo likes to be pet and he can roll over. Some of his favorite foods are red grapes, papaya, taco meat, pizza, corn on the cob, steak, and mashed potatoes. If he sees a human eating something he wants to try it too. Kozmo always makes me laugh, no matter what he does.

Two most commonly asked questions when I tell someone that I have a parrot are "does he talk," and "does he bite."

"Does he talk"...
Kozmo learned his first word at about 5 months. His first word was "me." He associated the word "me" with myself. Kozmo has learned many words since his first word, some of them are:

Pretty Bird Good Up Bye Bye What ‘r ya doin’?
Come ‘ere Kitty Kitty Bawk Bawk Chicken
Quit Bandit (our cat’s name) Molly (our dog’s name)
Take a Bath Cheeseburger Feels Good
Where's the kitty? Beebee Molly, Molly com'ere
He also Meow’s like the cat, barks like the dog, rings like the phone, beeps like the phone, does the car alarm, wolf whistles, come here whistles, and many other noises.

"Does he Bite"...
Yes, he does bite. He usually only bites when he wants to be left alone or he knows I'm on my way out the door and putting him in his cage. He rarely bites me and when he does it is just hard enough to let me know he is mad.