sEx aNd ViOlEnCe

Sexual violence. Women’s bodies being found raped and beaten to death. Mutilated. Regarded as unworthy of living. Society has allowed fr sexual violence towards women and men to continue and thousand of lives are destroyed everyday as a result. Thousand of silent voices struggle each day to try and express their experiences, only no one wants to hear them. When will we realize that there is a serious problem among as all? When did it become ok to rape a girl?a child?a woman?a man?yr wife?yr girlfriend?sister?daughter? what kind of fucked-up people are rationalizing these acts. sexual harassment , sexual assault, rape, and violence towards women are an everyday occurrence which a majority of women have to endure. Women are looked at as objects of pleasure, of use to man. We are not people, we’re toys, and once our purpose has withered away we are tossed out as old dolls with broken bones. Women are raped by strangers, husbands, boyfriends, friends and as they weep every night over vomit-filled toilets, society protects the rapist and allows them into homes, clubs, schools never knowing of the broken souls left behind. we can’t tolerate this anymore, sexual violence can’t be tolerated. Too many people have suffered the unbearable pain of having yr entire self slowly stripped away. And what are we taught? What do they tell us WE must do? "well if you dress like a whore…." "don’t lead them on…" "if you do it with one, you’ll get the rep…" bullshit. All girls are up fr grabs. Its always our fault, the blame is always ours. What makes you so almighty that you can take over my body? Who gave you the control? Who said it was all right fr you to destroy me? I am a person. I make my own decisions. I think fr myself and you have no say. We all need to realize the severity of our attitudes towards women and what they result in. this is it. Death, pain, and destruction.