wickette quotes!

"yes i wore a slinky red thing but does that mean that i should spread for you, your friends, your father, Mr.Ed?"-Tori Amos

"tell me what's right, it isn't my right to be on my stomach in Fred's Seville"-Tori Amos

"some boys with warm beds and cold hearts can make you feel nothing at all.they'll never remember and they'll never mind if your counting the cracks on the wall"-Kristy McCall

"don't call me daughter, you're not fit to.the pictures left will remind me"-Pearl Jam

"there goes my hero, watch him as he goes"-Foo Fighters

"i put you on a pedastool, you put me on the pill"-Kristy McCall

"i know where you've been, i already heard you binge and you purge old age"-Hole

"wake up deadman, can't you see i'm starving?"-Holly McNarland

"we eat your hate like love"-Bikini Kill

"look at what your world it teaches me nothing"-Bikini Kill

"i would make your penis and my vagina equal.you are no better than me.you are equal to me."-what Susan Powter would do if she had a magic wand

"i cannot scream in pain from down here on my knees!"-Bikini Kill

"wake up and enforce the funk"-the back of a "high-gear charlie" tag

"sinead o'rebellion, shock me shock me shock me with your deviant behavior!"-Gina, Empire Records

"they're quick and they're greedy they'd never feel guilty they don't know the meaning of hurt.the boots just go back on the socks that had stayed on the next time they see you they treat you like dirt!"-Kristy McCall

"you're no innocent man, come and catch me if you can!"-Holly McNarland

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