Iíve known feminism fr a long time. Iíve fought with feminism fr a long time, always contradicting myself and changing my mind. Perhaps trying to deny what I am. I can still hear myself belting out in a diner "I am not a feminist!" and giggling afterwards. But a feminist is what Iíve always been, whether I knew it or not, and it has become something very precious to me. I am a radical feminist and this is what I believe in. many people donít get feminism. As with everything, it has acquired a nasty stereo-type and has caused lots of controversy. (gotta love yr politics!) and yet feminism fights to kill stereotypes, to allow fr personal as well as social liberty, to award choice to every person. Our society is messed up, thatís a fact. There exists a lack of respect fr human life in general, a lack of respect fr humans. every day bodies of beaten and raped women are uncovered in alleys and dumpsters. Everyday people are murdered, terminated, with no regard to their worth, their life, their value. Sexual violence threatens almost all women, and many men. Things need to change, and feminists want to change it. There are so many problems to be attended, I donít even know where to begin. Fr some reason which I have yet to figure out, somebody decided long ago that some people were superior to othersÖ.men to women, race to race, religion to religion, and class to class. I mean, whatís up with that anyway? How do you decide who is better than who when you canít even compare one to the other because we are all individuals, all unique, all DIFFERENT! There is no superior and there is no inferior. This retarded patriarchal system that popped out of some dipshits asshole has got to go. Feminists want it to go. Riot grrls want it to go. We will make it go. Join the riot! Oi!