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Teenage Crime

Todays Teenage Crimes

Date Rape:

Ten more times powerful than the commonly prescribed sedative Valium, Rohypnol is known as "roofies" or the "date rape pills." To the eye, they look just like aspirin, your everyday, headache reliver. but this drug, has a much bigger effect. Rohypnol, is a sedative that has no taste or odor when dissolved in drinks. Just one side effect of this drug is to cause amnesia, and that is mainly the number one reason why it has been named, the date rape drug. You don't remember anything, while you are on this drug. Banned in the United States, this ever so popular drug has been the cause of many rapes among men and women today. When drinking a beer, taking this pill is much easier and cheaper, along with coming off a high from cocaine, it goes alot smoother. The cost of a "roofie" is just as expensive as about a pack of gum. And the availability of these date rape drugs is never trouble. In Florida alone, 136,000 pills have been confiscated in the past 8 monthes.

Statistics on Drug and Alchohol Abuse

*Among the graduating class of 1996, 50.8% of students had used an illict drug by the time they reached there senior year in highschool, continuing an upward trend from 40.7% in 1992 but still far below the peak of 65.6% in 1998. *Use of any illict drug in the preceding year(annual use) by seniors increased from 27.1% in 1992 to 40.2% in 1996 after steadily declining from a peak of 54.2% of seniors who had used an illicit drug within the preceding month increased from 14.4% in 1992 to 24.6% in 1996.

*The uses of drugs in 1996 Marijuana: 23.1%-Eighth graders, 39.8%-Tenth graders, 44.9%-Twelth graders Cocaine: 4.5%-Eighth graders, 6.5%-Tenth graders, 7.1%-Twelth graders Inhalants: 21.2%-Eighth graders, 19.3%-Tenth graders, 16.6%-Twelth graders LSD: 5.1%-Eighth graders, 9.4%-Tenth graders, 12.6%-Twelth graders Alcohol: 55.3%-Eighth graders, 71.8%-Tenth graders, 79.2%-Twelth graders Cigarettes: 49.2%-Eighth graders, 61.2%-Tenth graders, 63.5%-Twelth graders

Marijuana- The lifetime use of marijuana among 12th-graders increased from 32.6% in 1992 to 44.9% in 1996; however these rates are still below high levels of the peak years 1978 and 1979. There were no statistically significant increases in annual, current or daily use of marijuanna among seniors from 1995-1996.

Cocaine- Crack cocaine has increased among 8th, 10th and 12th graders between the years of 1992 and 1996. Study results showed that 2.9% of 8th graders, 3.3% of 12th graders had used crack atleast once.

LSD- Annual use of LSD by 8th graders was 3.5% in 1996 (up from 1.7% in 1991) Annual use for 10th graders increased from 3.7% in 1991 to 6.9% in 1996.

Inhalants- Use of inhalants tends to be higher among 8th graders than 10th or 12th. Among 8th graders, inhalants are the fourth most widely abused substances, behind alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana.

Alcohol- Binge drinking (having five or more drinks in a row in the preceding 2 weeks) was reported by 30.4% of high school seniors, 24.8% of 10th graders and 15.6% or 8th graders in 1996.

Cigarettes- Cigarette smoking continued to rise among 8th and 10th graders and remained at high levels among 12th graders. About 1/3 of twelth graders used cigarettes in the past month.


Gang violence is intensifying, Drive-by shooting, roberry, and murder are vicious gang activites in which innocent people are often hurt or killed, Gang prone youths have lower leves of self esteem and feel less in control of there lives than other youths of the same age. Young people join gangs to gain a sense of purpose, identity, and security; for peer support, status, acceptance and validation. More specific reasons, for joining gangs include: *Coercion: Many gang members don't choose to join, they are forced in to it and once associated with gangs its difficult and potentially deadly to break away. *Money: Even young children can earn hundreds of dollars by acting as lookouts or making drug weapon deliveries. Money can be a real incentive to teens who live in poverty and want to contribute income to there families. *Identity and Power: By becoming a part of a large and feared group, kids gain a sense of of power, identity and belonging. Gangs offer teens the chance to rebel against authority and gain a ready-made group of friends. *Familiarity: Often a child joins a gang to emulate a an older brother, cousin or neighbors. Gangs become a normal part of life. *Unstable Homelife: The brotherhood and rules of a gang are appealing to a child who lacks a stable family life, community ties, clear values, and firm rules. *Limitted Opportunity: When school involvement is unsatisfactory, unemployment is high and life seems to be going nowhere, a gang, with its chances for identity, commmunity and money looks pretty inviting. The entire community should work with youth and provide alternatives to gang membership. These might include youth-oriented social services,recreation, volunteer opportunities and job training. Parents must become familiar with indicators of a childs potential or actual gang involvement.


Three rommates from Tampa, FL. Christopher Cole and Thomas Miller, both 20, and Nissa Baillie 21, had a few beers and drove around stealing street signs to decorate their mobile home. Hours later, a Mack truck smashed into a car at an intersection missing its stop sign, killing three people. The vandal's said they didn't take the sign down. A jury thought otherwise, and last week a Florida judge sent them to stiff 15 years in prison. The judge ordered the three be released on bond while they appeal and they may get a new trial. A saying said by the authorities., "If you can't do the time, don't steal the sign." Another problem area is the restroom. The restroom has long been a favorite hideaway for students bent on mischief, whether that would be smoking, vandalizing or grimmer pasttimes. As a result some principals spend as much time patrolling plumbing fixtures, as they do classrooms. This is one of the most highly vandalized places for teens.


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