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Company (Registered) Name: Nippon Paint Philippines, Inc.
Address: No. 40 Hologram St., Light Industry and Science Park
  Cabuyao, Laguna Philippines
Email Address:
Tel No:

(63-2) 845 1176 (10 lines)
(63-2) 845 1176 (Paint Marketing Co. Phils, Inc.)
Fax No:

(63-2) 845 1152/845 1625
(63-2) 845 1625 (Paint Marketing Co. Phils, Inc.)
Date Established: 1976
Authorized Capital: P250, 000, 000.00
Paid-up Capital: P243, 150, 000.00
Number of employess 293
Key Personnel: President - Thomas Goh
EVP/ GM - Chin Keong Ying
VP/ Finance - Reynaldo U. Lim
VP/ Technical - Jukichi Nishigaki
VP/ Operations - Atsuyoshi Doi

Marketing Arm
Address: 29 First Ave., Sta. Maria Industrial Estate
Bagumbayan, Taguig. Metro Manila
Tel No: (63-2) 838-7172
Fax No: (63-2) 838-7180
Name: Mr Aerial C. Fontillas
Tel No: (63-2) 845 1176 (10 lines)
  (63-2) 845 1625
  (63-2) 845 1152
Email Address:
Company Name: Paint Marketing Co. Phils., Inc
Name: Laverenti R. Gill - Branch Manager
Address: M. J. Cuenco St. cor Mercado St., Cebu City, Philippines
Tel No: (63-32) 231 8305/6
Fax No: (63-32) 231 9654
Name: Mr. Demostenes Fookson, Jr.
c/o Trinity Paint Trade, Cruz Taal St. Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
Tel No: 63-8822-728686
Company Name: Paint Marketing Co. Phils., Inc
Name: Carlos Lim
Address: R. Castillo St., Agdao, Davao City, Philippines
Tel No: (63-82) 222 1447/9
Tel/Fax No: (63-82) 222 1448

Name: Ms Emma B. Perlas
Tel No: (63-2) 845 1176 ( 10 lines)
Fax No: (63-2) 845 1625
(63-2) 845 1152
Email Address:

Baking Enamel
Acrylic Lacquer
Texture Coating

Aerosol Paints
Auto Refinish

Company Profile

Nippon Paint Phillipines, Inc., was established in June 2,1976. The factory located at Taguig had a total capacity of 350 metric tons per month. With increased business activity, NPP acquired a bigger area to accomodate the demands of the business, and in April 1996, Nippon Paint Phils., Inc., moved to its new factory which has a total land area of 41, 000 square meters, and total production capacity of 1, 205 metric tons per month.
Since 1976, NPP has been the main supplier of a complete Automotive Paint System from CED to topcoat, to the majority of car assemblers including Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Columbian Motors, Francisco Motors, Vietnam Motors and Star Motors. Honda Phils., Suzuki and Kawasaki, the top producers of motorcycles, and Norkis, are also our major clients. Our coil coating is used by leading roof manufacturers such as Mindanao Steel, Bacnotan Steel and Puyat Steel.
Our customers for industrial coatings for home appliances are Matsushita, Sanyo and Philacor. To promote and provide better service to the customers for trade use products comprising decorative/architectural, aerosol and Auto Refinish paint, Paint Marketing Co. Phils, Inc. was set up. Depots were set up in Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Davao to speed up delivery of stock and to serve our customer's needs more efficiently in the Vis-Min area.
The Nax and Nippelac Auto Refinish premixed series is one of the leader in the autofinish market. The 180 premix colours are available widely throughout the country from Baguio to Palawan. Painters are able to obtain colours close to original Colour which are also supplied by Nippon Paint. The protective 2K finish introduced by us has made cars in the Philippines retain their gloss finish longer. When needed by our clients, we not only supply the paint, but also provide painting services. In addition, guarantee for paint failure is also given. The introduction of Jikitone Series Coating (Granite/Ceramic like finish) has revolutionized the Philippine Architectural finish market. More and more architects are switching from the traditional wash-out finish to the high technology Jikitone finish. Owners and developers are replacing real granite with Nippon Paint's Jikitone for their multi-storey condominiums or offices.
The introduction of premium quality exterior paints such as Weatherbond and Nippon 3-In1 has made architects re-write their specifications. Our technical team will provide technical services like checking substrates, recommending paint systems, prevent paint adulteration and providing solutions to paint problems faced by clients.
Nippon Paint Philippines, Inc. is the licensee of The Valspar Corporation, USA, in manufacturing and selling Super Valspar varnish and Nitro Valspar putty.

In Vis-Min area, the company is sponsoring mural painting in numerous cities to combat vandalism and graffiti. To upgrade the application skills and product knowledge of painters, NPP/PMC hold monthly seminars and practical training sessions.