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Scream 2!

Two years after the horrendous events that took place in Woodsboro, Sidney Prescott has gone off to college. Reporter Gale Weathers has cashed in on a successful book about the murders and a movie is being filmed starring Tori Spelling as Sidney, called STAB. Randy has became Gale's new assistant and Dewey Riley has quit his career as a police officer and has became a security guard at Sidney's college. Sidney has made some new friends as well as a new man named Derek in her life and Cotton Weary is finally released from jail. Everything seems perfect...but a copycat killer is on the loose and starts stalking and killing people, in non other than the original Ghostface costume! No one knows who it is and everyone is a suspect...
Here is a list of the cast of SCREAM 2 so far.
???? as Ghostface
Roger Jackson as "The Voice"
Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott
Courtney Cox as Gale Weathers
David Arquette as Deputy Dewey Riley
Jamie Kennedy as Randy Meeks
Liev Schreiber as Cotton Weary
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cici
Jada Pinkett as Sharon Masters
Jerry O'Connell as Sid's Boyfriend, Derek
Rebecca Gayheart as Lois a Sorority Sister
Laurie Metcalf as Debbie Salt a Reporter
Elise Neal as Sidney's roommate, Hallie
Omar Epps as Sharon's Boyfriend, Phil
Duane Martin as Joel a Med Student
Tim Olyphant as Mickey, Hallie's Love
Portia deRossi as Murphy
Marison Nochols as Dawnie

Here are rumors that are floating around the web about Scream 2! A few of them have actually been confirmed and those will be posted in RED, the rest which are in white are just things that I have read from other pages that have not yet to have been confirmed.
My newest news is in Bigger letters.
And if this is all true- Scream 2 will definitely be a GREAT movie!

The release date has been moved back to December 12th!

The trailer for Scream 2 has been released and if you want to see it on the big screen, it is being shown at the begining of I know what you did last Summer in some/most theaters!

•Liev Screiber (Cotton Weary) has been reported to be contracted to recieve $200,000 to play the villian in the Sequel to Scream!!

Kevin Williamson has already been contracted for a Scream 3! And Wes Craven also believes he has been contracted for Scream 4-6 too!

•Kevin Williamson's screenplay for "The Sequel to Scream" has been very secret. "The script was printed on James Bondish paper you can't Xerox.

•Because of the success of the first "Scream", the sequel will have a more impressive soundtrack including a riff from the Smashing Pumpkins.

The new Ghostface mask has bloodstains and looks even more evil.

Jada Pinkett's character (Sharon Masters) will be in the opening scene and will pull off a 'Drew Barrymore' (Casey Becker from SCREAM -in other words, she's gonna get iced). These celeb-killing kickoffs is going to be a franchise trademark.

Sidney (Neve Campbell) is a freshman in college, and another killer is after her. We know that she as joined a sorority and is taking theater in hopes to become an actress.

•Deputy Dewey (David Arquette) will play a security guard at Sidney's college, while Randy (Jamie Kennedy) will play Gale Weathers' (Courteney Cox) camera man/assistant.

•Elise Neal will play Sidney's roommate or cousin and Sarah Michelle Gellar (Helen) will either play Sidney's other roommate or a sorority sister at Sidney's college.

•Chris Haynes, a low-budget actor-director from the unknown Trip From Hell trilogy is set to play a nerd who wants desperately to be Sidney's boyfriend and is who Sidney fears is stalking her.

•Matt Murphy is apparently playing Stu's younger brother in Scream 2!

Wes Craven has confirmed that Matthew Lillard (Stu) nor Skeet Ulrich (Billy) will appear in "The Sequel to Scream". For more info, click here.

•There are tons of rumors going around saying that Rose McGowan(Tatum) will have a cameo roll in Scream 2. Where? Well sources have told me many different ways she will be appearing. i.e. she will come back-but only in flashbacks, she will be seen as just an xtra in the background, or a girl seen in the library, but this is a majorly unconfirmed rumor!

During Scream 2, Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox), writes a book called Stab, which has become a movie when Sidney (Neve Campbell) is in college. And guess who is playing Sidney in the movie, non other than, Tori Spelling (Beverly Hills 90210). Yes, after that line, "With my luck, I'd get Tori Spelling", Craven thought of the idea.

•The Rialto Theater in South Pasadena, California was the setting for the premiere of "Stab" Gale Weathers movie. Don't get confused by this. The characters in "The Sequel to Scream" are the only ones attending this premiere. Decorating the front of the theater were Father Death costumes. And mounted on the marquee was a sign saying Sneak Preview Tonight Only: "Stab" and a huge hand holding a bloody knife, making stabbing motions and sounds. This could be a reference to "Halloween".

•The movie "Stab" is directed by Robert Rodriguez.

•Rumor has it that in the movie "STAB" Sharon Stone will cameo as Maureen Prescott and Johnny Depp will cameo as Billy Loomis.

•Apparantley, Scream 2 has filmed a scene at UCLA (the college Sidney is going to). In this scene was Courteney Cox (Gale Weathers) and David Arquette (Dewey Riley). Deputy Dewey was burned, bloody and missing a shoe and was being carried out of a building on a gurney by paramedics. Gale Weathers attempts to talk to Dewey to get the inside scoop.

•Sidney (Neve Campbell) and Gale (Courteney Cox) continue their never-ending feud in the sequel. To support that, there is a 'BAM! Bitch went down' sequence(in other words, Gale is gonna get knocked out by Sidney)!

•Dewey Riley (David Arquette) has a severe limp from a severed nerve, and can't really use his right hand very much. But he has a big role, and his love affair with Gale grows.

•Randy (Jamie Kennedy) will be killed in Scream 2, in the theater where Sidney (Neve Campbell) practices for college. He will be hung from the rafters...

Helen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) will be dead by the end of Scream 2, but she did get to throw a few pots at the killer before she bites it.

•Mike informed me that Hallie (Elise Neal) is cut in half when the killer puts her in a elevator and presses the up button!

• Hallie (Elise Neil) may be killed by electricution in Scream 2, I saw this in the trailer-but it may just be part of the elevator scene.

The sequel has a higher body count than its previous movie.

•A little birdy (Tweety) told me that she heard both Wes and Kevin have cameos in Scream 2!

The phrase "sequels suck" is said to be heard eight times throughout the film.

Kevin Williamson's 'Scream 3' may not have its original stars back for the next 'scream'.

Wes Craven doesn't want a continuing cast - so the main characters may be killed off in the sequel. I have seen reports that both Sidney (Neve) and Gale Weathers (Courtney) both die in the sequel.





[IMAGE] Oh Drew wasnt in scream 2 but i just put her here because she is a pretty lady.