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<!---------So, you want to know my HTML? Y'know stealing codes isnt very nice... And By the way, there is a decoder on here so that IF you steal my codes, they will not work for you!-------!> <body bgcolor="#000000" onload="scroll_start();" on unload="scroll_stop(); TEXT=" ff8080"> <font face="Final Frontier"></font><script language="JavaScript"><!-- // Beginning of JavaScript Applet ------------------- /* Scoller: Scroll some Text in the statuswindow. Comments and enhancements are welcome. Nick Rogers <> */ var timerid = 0; var scrollOn = false; var waitfor=100; var maxspc=150; var msg = ""; function scroll_stop() { if (scrollOn) { ClearTimer(timerid); scrollOn = false; } } function scroll_start() { var i=0; scroll_stop(); msg="Welcome to Starbase Cochrane. Your source for Star Trek Info on the net!"; msg+="This site is Internet Explorer enhanced, but Netscape will work okay too. Enjoy the page and sign the guestbook! I love to read your comments!."; for (i=0;i<maxspc;i++) msg=" "+msg; scrollOn=true; timerid=window.setTimeout("scroller(0)",waitfor); } function scroller(pos) { var out = ""; scrollOn=false; if (pos < msg.length) window.status = msg.substring(pos, msg.length); else pos=-1; ++pos; scrollOn=true; timerid=window.setTimeout("scroller("+pos+")",waitfor); } // -- End of JavaScript code -------------- // --></script> <center> <font=Arial> <a href=> Visit our new Starbase Cochrane Web Forum</a> </center> </font> <img src="" USEMAP="#main"></p> <P ALIGN="CENTER"> <IMG SRC="" WIDTH="600" HEIGHT="30"></a> <a href=><img src=></a><br> Click this image to learn how you can link to this site. </center> <PRE ALIGN="CENTER"> November 29, 1997 - Over Thanksgiving weekend, I made this site a whole lot better! I made an Lcars Frame page, I added The Interactive Star Trek Story, and more! November 24, 1997 - I changed the image map, renamed the site, and i reached the goal! 3080 hits we have at 2:08 PM EST Monday the 24th. November 15, 1997 - Added some new images to blooper reels, and i also added a new image map, this one is here to stay. Also, this site has been voted to be in the Warp Core Awards! Vote for me at <a href=> The Warp Core Awards Web Site</a> . It is a very prestigous honor. October 26, 1997 - Made the image map so that it wom't open a new window when you click on it. By the way, Halloween is in 5 days! (If you already didn't know) October 18, 1997 - I added a new image map cause the one from yesterday was really cheesy. I also started my own awards race. Click on the banner at the new intro page to go there. <B><FONT SIZE="4" COLOR="#ff0000"> I WOULD LIKE TO DEDICATE THIS PAGE TO THE MEMORY OF PRINCESS DIANA, GENE RODDENBERRY, AND MOTHER TERESA </b></FONT> </PRE> <P ALIGN="CENTER"><IMG SRC="" WIDTH="575" HEIGHT="31"></P> <P ALIGN="CENTER">The answer to last week's question was: Alveolus</P> <P ALIGN="CENTER">This Week's Star Trek Trivia Question Is: </P> <P ALIGN="CENTER"> Name the actor on TNG who originally met Michael Westmore on the set of Rocky.To answer click <A HREF="">here.</A> Want more trivia? click <A HREF="/fl/scifiwww/trivia.html">here</A> if you said yes. </P> <P ALIGN="CENTER"><IMG SRC="" WIDTH="575" HEIGHT="31"></P> <P ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="">Sign My Guestbook</A> <IMG SRC="" WIDTH="48" HEIGHT="48"><A HREF="">View My Guestbook</A> </P> <P ALIGN="CENTER"><IMG SRC="" WIDTH="575" HEIGHT="31"></P> <center> The computer is scanning your coordinates. Click <a href=/fl/starnick/transport.html> here</a> for a site to site transport to Deck 16 (Engineering). <P ALIGN="CENTER"> <a href=> Click here to visit the Interactive Star Trek Story!</a> </center> <center> <IMG SRC="" WIDTH="90" HEIGHT="27"><IMG SRC=""><IMG SRC=""><IMG SRC=""><IMG SRC=""><IMG SRC="" WIDTH=10 HEIGHT=22><IMG SRC=""><IMG SRC="" WIDTH=10 HEIGHT=22><IMG SRC=""></P> <P ALIGN="CENTER"><IMG SRC="" WIDTH="575" HEIGHT="31"></P> <P ALIGN="CENTER">You are Starfleet Officer # <IMG SRC="">to beam up to Nick's Star Trek Home Page since 3/10/97 </P> <FONT SIZE="1"><P> </P> <a href=> Copyright 1997 NICKMAN PRODUCTIONS.</a> <map name="main"> <area shape="polygon" coords="112,96,115,83,45,83,40,96,112,96" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="123,112,129,104,127,100,39,100,34,113,121,113" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="100,132,106,119,54,118,49,130,102,131" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="123,148,127,137,29,136,25,148,121,149" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="114,168,119,156,40,156,31,166,31,168,114,168" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="103,188,109,175,38,174,35,188,102,188" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="93,205,101,193,50,193,48,204,93,206" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="99,223,103,209,42,209,40,222,100,223" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="109,244,114,230,29,229,24,244,112,244" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="115,263,121,253,19,251,10,264,113,265" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="113,283,117,271,14,272,11,284,112,284" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="86,304,91,292,37,293,33,304,87,304" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="107,325,113,314,10,315,6,324,6,326,107,327" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="27,363,32,349,314,350,310,363,27,364" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="377,363,383,350,568,352,565,364,376,364" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="583,236,590,222,599,222,604,206,598,207,604,191,521,194,519,204,522,208,517,220,533,221,534,237,581,237" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="599,179,604,167,593,167,604,157,514,156,509,167,517,170,511,178,598,180" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="585,146,589,134,591,130,594,130,589,126,587,121,509,122,510,131,517,135,516,144,515,145,572,149,588,147" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="553,329,619,329,623,324,622,315,619,306,571,304,529,305,526,309,525,315,525,319,528,326,537,331,542,330,551,329,555,330" href=""> <area shape="default" nohref> </map> <!--EndFreetext--> <p> <!--Email--> <center>Email: <a href=""></a></center> <!--EndEmail--> </body> </html>