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Star Trek Blooper Reels on Video

As you may be or may not be aware, the blooper reels (or gag reels) for The Next Generation and the Original Series were put together by producer Bob Justman for the enjoyment of the cast and crew at their christmas wrap-up parties. When the conventions began in the 70's, Gene Roddenberry an various cast members took the reels with them to entertain the crowds. However, some greedy person stole one of Gene's 16mm prints and millions of copies have been made since (mostly terriblequality considering how many generations thay are away from the original) When the TNG bloopers started being taken to conventions in 1988, it wasn't long before history repeated itself, and the reel was stolen. Between Gene's anger and that of the cast and crew, no other blooper reels have been made (except the TNG second season bloopers which were shown at the christmas party and then destroyed). This should also answer the question as to if they will ever be legally released on video (any bloopers you see at conventions for sale are not licensed!) I have included some video clips of these bloopers, and i must admit, they are extremely funny! Please don't blame me for how much you laugh at this stuff, blame Bob Justman..

  • NBC intro
    formats: Quicktime (3884Kb)
  • Blooper intro
    formats: Quicktime (5055Kb)
  • William Shatner
    formats: Quicktime (7251Kb)
  • Leonard Nimoy
    formats: Quicktime (6560Kb)
  • DeForest Kelly
    formats: Quicktime (3522Kb)
  • Dr Mc Koy & Captain James T Kirk
    formats: Quicktime (256Kb)
  • "Hi Daddy !"
    formats: Quicktime (771Kb)
  • "Mr Spack !"
    formats: Quicktime (197Kb)
  • "Are you alright?"
    formats: Quicktime (1686Kb)
  • Those infamous doors...
    formats: Quicktime (3216Kb)
  • "It's YOUR fault!"
    formats: Quicktime (1663Kb)
  • "You're in good hands..."
    formats: Quicktime (288Kb)
  • "Harry !"
    formats: Quicktime (2469Kb)
  • Captain James T Kirk asking help to Scotty
    formats: Quicktime (436Kb)
  • "Have no fear.."
    formats: Quicktime (703Kb)
  • A missed cue
    formats: Quicktime (739Kb)
  • A new use for the communicators
    formats: Quicktime (1331Kb)
  • "Yadadaaa..."
    formats: Quicktime (865Kb)
  • Captain James T Kirk making faces and painful noises
    formats: Quicktime (209Kb)
  • One of the camera crew over-reacting during a red alert
    formats: Quicktime (146Kb)
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