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These is a Black Panther
also called Black Leopard

Leopards are known to leap or
drop from trees down onto an prey

These Leopards are very beautful
The leopard is smart and very sly

Leopards are very strong cats
they can carry three times there weight
of a prey when climbing a tree
The leopard and the jaguar
are 10 times stronger then a human.
Other wild cats are 5 times stronger then a human

The black leopard coat is
dark brown or black irregular circles.
against golden,tan or yellow background
There background fur looks black
except in very bright light

The gene of Black leopards is recessive
so black offspring may come from parents
who both have normal coat colorations.

The leopard is an endangered species
due to the loss of habitats
and excessive hunting from man.

I just hope all big cats well be saved
from vanishing from our lifes.
I know all the little kids would like to see them
like we have gotten the pleasure to.

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