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This is one of my favorite pieces of them all. It is a poster from the Red Sox first ever Old Timer's Game in 1983. It has been signed by Ted Williams, Ike Delock, Rick Ferrell, Dave "Boo" Ferriss, Mike Fornieles, Gary Geiger, Russ Gibson, Billy Goodman, Jackie Jensen, John Kennedy, Ted Lepcio, Frank Malzone, Chet Nichols, Mel Parnell, Eddie Pellagrini, Jimmy Piersall, Dick Radatz, Pete Runnels, Dick Stuart, Haywood Sullivan, Birdie Tebbetts, Clyde Vollmer, Charlie Wagner, and Earl Wilson. Maybe one day when I have a better mastery of light & photography I can take a picture which does more justice to this piece. It is truly awesome!!

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