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Here is some information about my job I threw together from various sources. I did this to give my family & friends a better idea of what I'm doing. Enjoy!!

Equipment Worn by Aircrew

  1. Night Vision Goggles (NVG's) in stowed position
  2. Battery Pack for NVG's
  3. Intercom Boom Microphone with NVG compatible lip-light
  4. Gunner's Safety Belt
  5. Intercom Microphone Cord
  6. Camelback Water Pack and Tube
  7. Single Handed Signal Chem-light
  8. Life Preserver Unit "LPU" (Inflatable Water Wings)
  9. PRC-90 Survival Radio & Beacon
  10. Survival Strobe with Infrared Lens
  11. First Aid Kit & Gyro Rockets (7 low altitude signal rocket flares)
  12. Survival Knife
  13. 9mm Pistol
  14. "HEED's" (Helicopter Emergency Egress Device with three minutes of Emergency Air)
  15. Hand-Held Evasion GPS (Global Positioning System)
  16. 2 Mark 13 Day/Night Survival Flares/Colored Smoke (Not Visible)
  17. Compass and Mirror
  18. NOMEX® Fire Resistant Flight Suit and Gloves
  19. Knee Pads for working inside of Helicopter
  20. Boot Knife
  21. Pencil, Pen and NVG Compatible Flash Light
  22. Armor Plating/Bulletproof Vest (not Visible)

<h1>UH-60G Pave Hawk Specs</h1>

UH-60G Pave Hawk Specifications


HH-60 Pave Hawk


  • Weight empty
12,330 lb
  • Maximum take-off/landing
22,000 lb
  • Ferry
24,500 lb


  • (2) T700-GE-701C Turboshaft 1,945 shp


The PAVE HAWK is based on the proven UH-60 BLACK HAWK helicopter

  • Basic UH-60L BLACK HAWK airframe
  • UH-60L combat and crash survivability
  • UH-60L communication and navigation equipment
  • Folding stabilator
  • Aerial refueling and internal auxiliary fuel
  • Mission unique communication and navigation equipment
  • Fast rope system
  • Armament - 7.62 mm and .50 caliber
  • Tow plates to facilitate air transportability


  • Main rotor diameter
53.7 ft
  • Tail rotor diameter
11.0 ft
  • Overall length (rotor turning)
64.8 ft
  • Maximum height
16.8 ft
  • Fuselage width
7.75 ft
Performance at gross mission weight
VCMP/VBR/VBE       150/135/79 kts
Range at maximum fuel          504 nm
Endurance at maximum fuel         4.2 hrs
Service ceiling      14,200 ft
Hover ceiling (IP-OGE)
        -95 degrees F day (at mid-mission point)     4,000 ft
         Standard day       4,300 ft

2-pilot, 1-flight engineer, 1-gunner, 2 - 3 pararescuemen

MH-53J Pave Low Specifications



Armament / Crew / Cost

MISC Pics: