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ADAM's SECRET LIFE By Shauna O' Sullivan

This fanfic has some M/F NC17 content, so don't read it if you aren't supposed to. I only borrowed you-know-who and I reap no rewards other than the art itself...blah,blah, all know the rest.
The couple drove out past the city limits, and further, beyond the busy highways feeding traffic into the tightly knit little suburbia. The sun was setting over the lake in a beautiful pink and purple blush that was slightly melancholy due to it's fleeting nature. The woman turned to her partner to study the solemn lines of his face, a sweet crinkling around the eyes, signalling his ability to laugh easily. She was always delighted if it was something she said which amused him. There were many times when they fell into a verbal give and take which had them laughing until tears were streaming down both their faces. His dark hair was closely cropped and spiked but was soft as velvet when she caressed it as she did now, running her hand up the nape of his neck. He shuddered at the sensation of her hand, always warm when she touched him; he marveled at that.
He always became a little self-conscious when he realized she was studying him. She was well-versed in his body language and could always tell when he was angry by the way the tip of his tongue rested tightly between his pursed lips as he stared straight ahead. He could be very cold in his anger, it frightened her sometimes when they argued, afraid something had been damaged beyond repair. He was always so firm in his convictions, so intellectual that she felt out of her depth when they fought. Then without warning he would acquiesce, as though he knew how far he could push her and would not risk more than that. And then he would surprise her with his indulgence, trying to make up for something that she sensed he had not done to her, but to someone before her.
This was not such a time though. He was merely indulging her request that they take a drive in the country. She loved dusk. The setting sun cast a light which was soft and romantic, shadows bouncing off the jade green leaves of the birch trees along the road. It soothed her, warmed her heart as she relaxed back into her seat and let the sunlight wash over her. Her hand rested lightly on his thigh as he drove and she willed the warmth of her hand to travel up the length of that limb to his groin. She could feel desire growing in her, warmed by the sun and his close proximity, but then she always wanted him. Yearning was enjoyable, even if it wasn't always fulfilled. In spite of herself she could feel the dampness between her legs grow as they continued to drive.
He took his eyes off the road long enough to meet her gaze and smiled at the desire which lightened her hazel eyes, the pupils widening, leaving them looking greener than usual. He drove for a few more minutes but seemed to be looking for something as his head swiveled lazily from one side of the road to the other. The light was fading and it would soon be dark, or as dark as it got during the summer. Some nights the sky would hold onto the echo of sunset until midnight, the stars glimmering palely in the half-light. As she tried to deduce what it was he searched for, he pulled the vehicle onto a side road and headed steadily down it, favoring her with a secret smile.
Before she realized what was happening he had pulled over amid some trees at the edge of the lake. He got out and walked around to the trunk of the car, opened it and pulled out the old red wool blanket he had carefully wrapped his sword in. He unwound the cloth from his weapon and after a moments hesitation, left it behind. She got out of the car as he spread the blanket out over the long grass which surrounded the lake. He wordlessly stepped over to her and taking her hand, guided her to the sweet nest he'd just made. She recovered quickly from her surprise as he pulled her down and gathered her in a close embrace. They lay stretched out on the blanket and gazed up at the stars for a few minutes, savouring the quiet and sweetness of the moment. He rolled over on his side and pulled her face closer as he brushed her lips softly with his. Pressing down gently as his leg moved over her, he deepened the kiss and sought out her tongue. As he pulled back, he gently bit her lower lip and brought his lips to her neck where he kissed and bit her shoulder tenderly. A graceful hand slid under her shirt and caressed her breast through her bra, pinching her nipple teasingly as his mouth sought hers once more.
He pulled back to undo the button of her jeans and slide them off her hips. She sat up to pull the shirt off over his head and bent to kiss his chest, relishing the familiar scent of his cologne mingled with his own fragrance. He stood and as she rose to meet him, he reached around her finding the clasp of her bra, undoing it and pulling it off. She found the button on his jeans and unzipped them, pulling out his hardening penis to stroke it. She knelt on the blanket and breathed hot breath on the head of his cock before she took it in her mouth, licking gently in circles around the tip. He gripped her head with his hands, entwining them in her auburn hair. She ran her tongue down the length of the shaft and back again to the head, dipping her tongue into the tip for a moment before enveloping his entire length in her hot mouth. Increasing her suction, she cupped his balls and held them while she moved. Soon, he was thrusting to meet her mouth, his head thrown back, fingers still wrapped in her hair, while he pumped into her. Sensing his closeness she withdrew and pulled him back down to the blanket. He reached between her legs to feel the wetness there and inserted a finger, then two and slowly worked them in and out of her pussy until they were slick with her juices. At the same time he nuzzled her neck and caressed her breasts until she was moaning with need. He rolled her over onto her stomach and entered her from behind, fingering her clit as he pumped into her slowly. He stopped a few times to catch his breath and wait for her. When he felt her orgasm begin, he resumed thrusting until he came as well, shuddering and gasping as his semen pumped into her. She collapsed onto her stomach and he rested half ontop of her as the waves of her orgasm subsided. He kissed her temple gently and rolled beside her on the blanket, gathering her into his arms. They remained like that for a while as they counted the twinkling celestial entities.
"Adam, where have you been this time?" She asked the question frankly without recrimination.
"I spent some time on the West coast of the United States. I met a some very nice people and I did some very interesting research." He regarded her as she digested that innocuous little tidbit. Somewhere in the back of his mind he wondered if this would be the day that she made some demands, begged him not to go away again and leave her alone as he had time and time again. But she never did and he always came back.
"How long will you be staying? I'd like to take some time off work while you're here."
"I don't have any plans, really. I found myself at loose ends and I wound up heading in your direction. Take a week off, we could drive to the mountains..." he offered.
"Mmm, sounds lovely." She was lying on her back, eyes closed; she could feel him watching her. She opened one eye, just a bit, to catch him staring and was surprised at the look on his face. He looked so sad; he was gazing down at her like he wanted to collapse sobbing onto her chest. Only stubborn male ego was holding him up as he leaned on one arm, his head touching his shoulder.
She sat up abruptly, startling him a bit. "Adam, is someone hunting you? Is that why you came home?"
"Gods no, nothing as exciting as that. I wouldn't knowingly bring that to your door." He paused, he wouldn't lie to her, she didn't deserve that, in fact it might make him feel better to talk about it.
"Adam, I'm with you, come hell or high water, you know that. Give."
He smiled at her earnest declaration and pulled her closer to reclaim her mouth in his. She returned his kiss sweetly, knowing that it could easily rekindle the embers of their lovemaking. She wanted him to talk first, though, and pulled away when his grip on her arms tightened possessively.
"No, no, you don't get off quite that easily, and I mean that in more ways than one."
"I know, I didn't intend to divert you, just happy to see you." He meant it. He had missed her. She was easy to be with, like a balm for his soul. Macleod on the other hand was judgemental, demanding, impatient and frustrating. Juliana was the antithesis of Duncan.
They had met when she was just a child in the sixties. Her parents were part of the hippie movement and attended the local University. Adam had come to Canada to teach during the Vietnam war. It seemed like a much safer place to be at the time...still was. The whole "peace movement' had been interesting to watch. He had kept in touch with her family for a while, eventually coming to see only Juliana. They had begun to mean something to each other over the years and now she was 36. After 16 years of popping in and out of her life, there wasn't much she didn't know about him...except his real name. She had figured the rest out easily enough, not much slipped by her. When you don't age for 36 years, somebody's bound to notice, especially if she's your lover. It troubled him that she had never married, though. That, he knew, was entirely his fault. But, she was always there, waiting for him to return and he always did.
Juliana shivered as she watched Adam mull over his options. She knew he was deciding how much to tell her about his present situation and she was patient. There was a chill though and he'd feel it soon enough. Not being one for the cold weather, she'd noticed that she never saw him from November to April.
"Adam, it's getting chilly, let's go home." He nodded agreeably and stood first, holding out a hand to pull her to her feet. When she straightened he continued to pull her up until she was facing him. He gazed into her face, noticing for the first time the lines there. There was the unmistakable thread of grey in her auburn hair, too. Both were barely noticeable, merely a sign of the unstoppable aging he knew would eventually claim her. All the same, it made him feel sad and he closed his arms around her and held her tightly as though he could stop it if she could just remain there, warm and small against his chest.
They drove back to her house, through the town which rested sleepily on the outskirts of a large metropolis. "Big sky country; it certainly lives up to it's name." he thought as he drove. He pulled into the driveway beside her volkswagon beetle and hopped out to open her door.
Once they were inside, Juliana's patience waned, "Come on Adam, tell what's going on or it's going to be a long sleepless night."
"Oh, I'd already planned on that." He leered. She cocked an eyebrow at him which clearly signalled that his plans could be altered for him.
"Okay, okay. I'm not sure I know where to begin." He could tell her about meeting Duncan, she knew about the watchers and his cover. "I was doing some research on Methos and it became necessary for me to go to Seacouver, to prevent the death of a very important immortal. Joe Dawson is his'll remember me mentioning Joe... and we met and became friends. That's the short version."
"Which immortal?"
"Duncan Macleod of the Clan Macleod." He said the name with a mocking flourish.
Juliana made a mental note of the implied hostility and stored it away for later examination.
"Yes, you were very interested in him. You said he might win the game."
"I said he might deserve to win the game, to be more precise."
"Having met him do you still believe it?"
"More than ever." he said quietly. He pursed his lips and turned away from her. Spotting the fridge, he headed straight for it and the beer he hoped it contained.
Juliana was beginning to dread the rest of the story. From his reaction she knew that there was something between Macleod and Adam....but what?
"Adam, what is he to you, other than your best hope, I mean."
"Beer?" he tossed one to her and she unscrewed the cap and took a deep swig.
No amount of prodding was going to hurry him, so she dropped down onto the couch and continued to nurse her beer. Adam was popping his second as he crossed the room to plop down beside her. He needed to confide in her, that was obvious, but how could she reassure him? She watched him wrestle with whatever it was, from her comfortable sprawl in the corner at the end of the couch. He settled in the opposite corner, their legs entwined. The silence stretched out into minutes and it was a good ten before he spoke.
"We became lovers." he finally admitted.
Juliana's mouthful of beer came spewing back out in a classic imitation of a "spit take". She scrambled in a rather ungainly fashion to her feet, beer drenching the front of her shirt. Adam was simultaneously assessing the damage to his own clothing and her continuing reaction to his comment.
"Christ! A little warning, perhaps a slow buildup would have been nice. Not...just... blurting it out like that. Do you think I'm made of stone?" She was angry and hurt.
He watched her burn the anger out as she covered the space in the living room from corner to corner, arms thrusting and fingers pointing as she vented. He was on his feet, though, as she pulled the front door open and stepped outside. He wrapped his arms around her as he came up behind her on the front steps.
"I'm sorry." he whispered softly into her ear. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she spoke.
"No, no. You came here because you needed to talk about this, obviously. I know you're not celibate when you leave me and I don't expect you to be. Just a knee-jerk reaction. Give me a few minutes to digest this." She turned in his arms, smiling wistfully up into his beautiful face.
"You have to complicate this by making it a guy, for christ's sake. It can't just be, "Juliana, I met this beautiful woman," has to be an immortal and male. How can I compete with that, Adam? Macleod is bound to have something I haven't got...if you know what I mean."
Adam laughed at that. At least she had her sense of humour back, a good sign. He gazed down into her face, green eyes turned up to him, auburn hair cascading down her back, and he was filled with sadness for not being able to love her the way he loved Duncan.
"I don't want you to compete with him. You hold an entirely different place in my heart. I trust you. You represent refuge, safety, a place to let go of all my fears. I will never be safe with Macleod. He's an immortal magnet, but he gives me other things...I love him, Julie."
Their eyes held while the full impact of his words hit home, like a really hard kick in the stomach. His eyes were shuttered from her while he waited for the inevitable rejection he thought was coming. She made a decision then and there to be who he wanted her to be, no demands, no pressure, just refuge because that was, after all, what he needed.
"Let's go to bed, Adam." Placing her small hand in the grasp of his larger one, she pulled him back inside and up the stairs. In return he gave her the sweetest smile, full of love and gratitude and she was content. It was enough and there was always tomorrow.

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