You like it RED HOT!!!
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You like it RED HOT!!!

So you like it RED hot???? Well, then we got just the thing for you!!! Ohhh...are you ready for this? I dont think so. Are you sitting? You should be! After you get a look at this, you ain't never going to be the same. Now here we go. Just imagine, you in your beautiful Prom gown! All ready to go. And who shows up at your door? (ohhhhh!!! YOURS FRIENDS ARE GOING TO BE SOOOOO JELIOUS!!!)It's no other than

Let me tell you a little about Fabio.He is 6'3", 220 lbs. His favorite color is turquoise (now you know what color your prom dress should be!!!) He has six cars: two Porsches, a Rolls-Royce, a Bentley, a Mercedes and a Hummer(and you get to decide which one accompinies you and your RED HOT PROM DATE to your prom) He has 17 dirt bikes. He says he finds dirt biking very relaxing.He has one of the world's most advanced audio-visual systems(just imagine the size of his satalitte!) He lives with four great danes: Dakota, Blitz, Apache, and Thor. His sign is Pisces and his measurements are,

Hold on to you SEATS!!

18" biceps, 48" chest, 32" waist

Let's see what this beef cake looks like!!

If you are experiencing difficulty seeing Fabio, its
because he's in such RED HOT demand. Just hit the reload
button and your hunk of BURNINGBURNING love should appear!