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This Weeks Page is Dedicated to


Look! This is pretty Jen-a-rific!
We Won the BigWeenie's Wurst of the Web Award!

Look!!! I am just estacic!! I won something for being stupid and strange!!
I know I should update this page, but I am busy with school. hey, you reading this,
I would LOVE to hear from you. Please?? But anyways, now you must think
I am cool.


Hey there....look! I got around to updating my page. Well should all be pround of me. All my usually sources of entertainment are off either writing AP History reports or at work or taking the SATs. So, here I am.

Since the


Dr. Evil Jen is having people problems,she decided to strike back by creating a weapon that will hit them below the belt, crippling them for life, making sure they are never able to function as normal human beings!!!


Actually, don't tell anyone, but it doesn't really do any of that. It is just something to make Dr. Evil Jen feel okay and super evil.

If you have a suggestion for a "You SUX!" Award EMAIL ME!

This has been another waste of time, that will not, i repeat, will not be eaten by the Mean Mr. Computer. You can fry Mr. Mean Computer at this guy whose the real Chris Brady, not the fake one at his Web page....Oh yeah, This brought to you by THINGS THAT ARE DANK and "YOU SUCK!" INC.!!

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