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The Gallery photographs are stored in a different location on the Web.

Click on the photograph below to enter the Webshots site.

Here you will find High-Resolution photographs of many of the pictures featured in The History of Shotton - Deeside website together with new ones.

High resolution photographs are suitable for magnified viewing and for desktop wallpapers.

Call back regularly as new photos are often being added.

Galleries Currently Available:

Shotton Deeside History (22 photos)

Deeside - Old School Photos (7 photos)

Shotton Steelworks Old Photos (12 photos)

Shotton in 1987 (9 photos)

Connah's Quay in Old Photographs (28 photos)

Queensferry in Old Photographs (10 photos)

Sport, Social & Seafaring (5 photos)

Galleries to Follow:


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If you have any old photographs of Deeside that you would like to share, please contact me at

I will only need to borrow your photograph to scan it, then the original will be returned to you.

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You may print out the pages of this website for your own personal use. I do not sell this material in any printed format and therefore if you are offered this for sale, please contact me at

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