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18. The History Of The Shops

Chester Road West - Even Numbers


2 & 4 THE CENTRAL HOTEL Public House. Recently reverted to its original name after a decade as The Royal Charter. In the 1940’s Mr. Derbyshire was landlord. In the 50’s the landlord was Mr. Elsom. At the back were stables and the British Rail horse was stabled there. In the mid-50's the stables were used by a vet, Mr. Storrer. The hotel was built in 1943. Before this, a long single storey wooden building occupied the site.

ALEXANDRA STREET. In the early 1900’s a market used to stand at the top of the street, where the car park for the Royal Charter now stands.

6 CCS COMPUTER SYSTEMS since May 2002 {WEBSITE} . The shop lay empty for about 4 years prior to this. In 1997 it was DOMESTICS DIRECT Electrical Appliances. Another electrical store occupied it in 1995-6 called Homecare Electrics, which moved to number 31. Sue Ryder Charity Shop was here for a couple of years before that. It was empty for most of 1993 and before this it was Value Vision who sold ex-rental electrical goods. Another electrical goods business occupied the shop for a short time in 1989. Between about 1970 and 1989 Rumbelows TV was here, and during the 60’s it was Fred Dawes Radio and TV shop. In the late 50’s it was George Latham’s Fishmongers and about five years earlier it was a Penny Bargain store where every item in the store cost just 1d. For about fifty years from 1900 Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd were the proprietors of the locally famed Emporium Millinery.

Chester Road West in c. 1910

8 LADBROOKES {WEBSITE}. Bookmakers. For a short time in the 80’s it was Toddy’s Wine Bar. Another Bookmaker, William Hill, occupied the shop in the 1970’s. In the 1950’s it was Reevey’s Cafe Royal restaurant. Between about 1900 to 1955 it was Thomas’s Cake Shop, which had a cafe upstairs. The shop once had a very ornate wrought-iron facade.

10 & 12 RIVERTOWN CHAPEL. Built in 1896 on the site of a former corrugated-iron chapel.

14 DIRECT CARS Taxis took over the shop at the end of 1999 from AVACAR Taxi Hire after they moved to number 3. In 1992 it was the SHOTTON TANDOORI Takeaway. It was a burger bar for a while in the 1980’s. In the 50’s and 60’s it was the Conservative Association. Prior to this it was Hunter’s Grocery store.

16 SHOTTON KEBAB & BURGER HOUSE. Formerly "Deeside Kebab and Burger House," and before that Ali’s Kebab Takeaway. In the 80’s it was an Indian Restaurant. During the 70’s it was a Chinese takeaway called Hung Fatt.

18 SHOTTON PETS Pet Shop, oriiginally known as Pets First, moved here from number 35 in 1996. It had remained empty for a year since the closure of Dewhurst Butcher. Dewhurst’s were here from about 1960. Before that it was Brookes' Butchers..

20 DODD’S PROPERTY WORLD {WEBSITE}. Estate Agents. Known through the 60’s and 70’s as K. Hugh Dodd’s. In the 1960’s it was Polyclene Dry Cleaners. Prior to this it was Starlings Sweet Shop for many years.

22 TOWN AND COUNTRY {WEBSITE}. Estate Agents. It was empty since 1996 when D & E Basket Newsagents moved across the road to number 27. Before this it was H & J Roberts Newsagents, and for many years before this, F. J. Wall Newsagent. In the 1950’s it was Davies’ Newsagent and in the 40’s, Peter’s Newsagents.

24 (EMPTY) since mid 2004. It was Gems Clothes Shop from about 1991 - 2004. For about 12 months, around 1989 this shop became a Double Glazing sales office. For about 6 years prior to this it was the Bring And Buy Agency, selling second-hand items. In the 60’s and 70’s it was Homecraft DIY shop. The Hairdresser Katie Astbury had a salon upstairs.

26 I. J. PIERCE & SON POST OFFICE. In 1970’s shoes were sold upstairs. In the 50’s and 60’s a sweet shop stood here. 26A (Upstairs) opened in 2002 as HARVEY'S Solicitors

KING EDWARD STREET. Built in 1902 - 3 during EDWARD VII’s reign. In the 1930s and 60’s Millington’s Fish and Chip shop and cafe stood at the top of the street.

THE CLWYD. Public House. Some locals still call it by its original name THE STATION HOTEL.

Numbers 30 and 30A The present buildings date to around 1930. Prior to this, two single-storey buildings occupied the site.

The majority of premises along this row were converted from houses between 1955 - 70.

30 PLEASERS. Jewellers since 1987. For many decades before this, Walton’s Jewellers occupied the shop.

30A SWINTON INSURANCE. {WEBSITE}. During the 1950’s to mid 70’s it was several ladies fashions shops, known in the 70’s as Michelle’s.

32 IMAGES PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO since 1982. In the late 70’s it was Lumley’s Insurance. J. Austin China and gift shop traded here between about 1965 - 73. Before this it was James Prince Opticians, which was run from a house

34 NICE PRICE Frozen Foods opened in 1997. The shop had been empty for a year since the closure of All In One, a small indoor market with areas for furniture, clothes, soft furnishings and a pet shop. In the early 1980’s it was David Reidford's DIY shop. Before this, and since about 1905, it was T. I. Williams Ironmongers and toyshop.

34A (EMPTY) Most recently it was the Citizen's Advice Bureau. In the 1960's and 70's a hairdresser was here and the salon was accessed from within T. I. Williams.

36 SALVATION ARMY Charity Shop since 2001. It was empty for a year after the closure of David W. Pierse & Co Estate Agents. In the late 70’s it was a shop selling modern furniture. Mr. Timmins had a pet and gift shop here between the 1950’s and 70’s. Earlier still a grocery shop traded here.

38 DRIVER HIRE RECRUITMENT CENTRE {WEBSITE}. Employment Agency which opened in 1999. Between 1997 - 8 it was The Industrial Connection Employment Agency. Before this it was Bradford & Bingley Building Society (Swift Assurance). In the 1960’s Lighten's Solicitors was here. In 1958 Clemences of Chester, who sold cakes, opened here in place of the Metropole Cafe. Mrs E. A Knowles owned the Metropole and it was known locally as Knowles Cake Shop.

40 CORBETT Bookmaker. In the 1940's there was a clothes shop here, owned or run by Mrs Fennah.

Chester Road West c. 1910

42. SHOTTON CARDS & GIFTS opened here at the end of 1997. Before this it was G & S Footwear since about 1988. During the 80’s Curry and Paxton Opticians was here. Knowles cake shop, with a cafe upstairs, was here between 1920 and 1945.

44 (EMPTY) Until May 2002 it was Victoria Wines Off-licence. In the 1950s it was Haswell's Wine Shop

SALISBURY STREET. Mrs. Ann Salisbury had a thatched white cottage here in the 1880’s. She traded locally from a donkey-pulled cart, and she kept pigs and chickens. The street was named after her. The present houses were built mostly between 1899 - 1905. A large building in this street built in 1901 was once Shotton’s Police Station. In the 1970’s and 60’s it was used as a Youth Employment Centre. It is currently a Probation Centre. The Co-op grocery and drapery was also situated in this street at the turn of the century.

Salisbury Street c. 1910

46 & 48 DeCORDOVA ALICE & FILCE Solicitors. Previously known as DeCordova and DeCordova, they have occupied the premises since 1970. Before this it was the National Provincial Bank. Before it was converted to the National Provincial Bank, this corner-site property was originally addressed as a private house in "Salisbury Street". It was here that William Morfin Butler set up his family home when he married Miss Vickers from Higher Shotton, ("Vickers Close", Hawarden). William Butler was a local entrepreneur of some standing with a boat building/repair business at Connahs Quay docks. His children were similarly gifted and included well-known Shotton characters; W S "Bill" Butler, (Windy Arbour Pre-Cast Concrete, House-building/Joinery/Boat repairs), Eric M Butler, House-builder, Joiner, T J "Tom" Butler, Electricians, Radio & TV Retailers, Electronic Services, Alice May "Mamie" Butler-Poole, Handicraft Goods Retailer ("The Alhambra Shop"), Billiard Hall/Ice Cream Parlour ("The Ideal") 

50 THOMAS C. ADAMS {WEBSITE} Estate Agents have occupied the location since about 1955. Between about 1990 - 1995 Dragon Dampcourse occupied the first floor. In the 1960’s Linke Heating was upstairs here.

52 THRIFTY SHOPPER Bargain Stores since the mid 80’s. Prior to this, Baxter's Butchery occupied the shop from about 1960.

54 EYESTYLE OPTICIANS {WEBSITE} This is a recent name change for Sandhu's Optician. In the early '80's it was Watergate Video rental shop. Before this it was a Fishmonger's.

56 NEWMEER CHINA & GLASS since mid 2001. Cymru Garden Fruit, Vegetables and Dairy Products opened here in late 1999. It had stood empty for more than a year prior to this, apart from two months in mid 1999 when it was Rob's Video Hire. It was Gemma's Café and Bread Shop in 1998 and before this, Ellis' Bakeshop. In the 70’s and 80’s it was the Dragon Boat Chinese Take Away. In the 60’s a Greengrocers, known as Empire Stores was here.

58 POWER PLUS RETAIL LTD Electrical Appliances opened here in 1996 following the closure of Manweb. The Showrooms were originally converted from a very large house, the front garden of which extended to the main road.

60 PAPERHOUSE. Greetings Cards since 1989. Conlons had this shop in the 70’s and 80’s. In the 60’s it was Ashton's Babywear and Wool Shop.

62 THE HERBARIUM. Previously known as Shotton Health Foods, Health And Beauty, and Shotton Healthfoods (again). In the 1980’s it was Woodies' Healthfoods. In the 1970s it was Brookes’ Bread shop. Prior to this it formed the house and shop of T. Sutton, Bakers. The Quarry Bakery at the rear is now approached from Ryeland Street and has been Clwyd Photoservices, photographic processors since about 1976.

"The Gables," BROOKE'S EATERIE. Sandwich Bar and Cafe opened in 2003 following the closure of Brookes & Sons Butcher at the end of 2002, which has occupied the shop since 1952. Before this it was Scott’s Butchers and its history as a Butchers goes back to the year it wass built in 1897.


RYELAND STREET. Built in 1903 and named after the ship "Ryeland," the captain of which occupied the first house in the street.

64 THE CARD SHOP has been established here since the mid 50’s. Cameo Hairstyles has been in residence on the first floor since about 1962.

66 STRANDS Hairdressers. In the 1950’s and 60’s it was Earnest Wilson and Sons.







Chester Road West, Shotton in c.1920 (left) and 1960 (right)

68 TRAVEL WORLD took over the premises from Butler Travel in 1996. In the 1950’s to 70’s it was the Army and Navy Stores.

70 (EMPTY) Cyril Jones & Co Solicitor occupied this shop until mid 2004 when they moved across the road to the old Lloyds Bank building. Number 70 has been the solicitors since about 1975. Prior to this it was a house.

72 (EMPTY) Most recently, until 2003, it was the Evening Leader Office. Occupied for a short time by Cyril Jones Solicitor (combined with no 70). During the 1980’s it was the Abbey National Building Society.

74 (EMPTY) Most recently, until 2004 this was Hill House Hammond Insurance Services. In the 1980’s it was the Bradford and Bingley Building Society. In the 60’s and 70’s it was Davison's Paints.

76 JANET’S (Davies) FABRICS Haberdashery and Clothes Repairs.

78 ACCESS MOBILITY . Disability Aids opened here in 2003 after a short period as an empty shop. R & A Hewitt Household Goods was here from 1992 to 2002 before moving across the road. In the 1960’s Stockleys, Commission agents occupied the premises.

80 (EMPTY) Since the closure of Essence of Life at the end of 2003. It sold scented candles and incence and opened in March 2002. The shop was empty for about a year prior to this. Most recently it was Carol's Cafe. Previously it was The Sugar Bowl Cafe.

On the first floor is DEESIDE DIVING CONTRACTORS LTD {WEBSITE} . Peviously this was No 1 Hair Affairs Hairdressers. The Sunbed Centre also used to be here.

82 ALLSORTS . Secondhand Furniture and Electrical since late 1999. It was A & E Aquatics between 1998 - 99. The shop was empty for about 18 months following the closure of Yvonne Collins Dried Flowers. In the 1960’s and 70’s it was Supreme Car and Van Hire and School of Motoring.

84 NETCAFÉ {WEBSITE} Internet Cafe opened her mid 2001. The shop had remained empty since the closure of Phillipa May's Coffee Shop, (which also sold crafts), in 1997. In the 70’s and 80’s it was a bargain goods shop called Tom The Cheap.

BRIDGE STREET was so named because of the footbridge over the railway. A small street called Kirby Grove once stood on the site now occupied by part of Manley Court.

86 (EMPTY) GFD Electrical & Security Contractor opened here in 2001 and closed in 2003. It had been empty for 2 years since the closure, in 1999 of Mr. Zoots menswear. In the 70’s and 60’s this was the second Tom The Cheap’s shop. In the 50’s and 60’s it was N. L. Hobbs grocery and general provisions.

88 - 92 DEESIDE INSURANCE {WEBSITE}. Brokers moved into numbers 88 & 90 in 1996 and extended into number 92 in 1998. Previously, numbers 88 & 90 was Lighten's Estate Agent. In the 1970s and early 80's it was Supreme Car and Van hire. In the 60’s and 70’s, number 88 was a ladies and children's clothes shop, whilst number 90 was The Motorists Shop. Number 92 was a house until conversion in 1998.


94 (EMPTY) since 1999. It was Stolen For Shotton ex-catalogue stock in 1999. Briefly, in 1998, it was Performance Sports. Deeside Insurance occupied it during the early 90's. In the 1970’s it was Deeside Estate Agents.

96 SHOE REPAIRS & KEYS. since about 1985

98 OWENS' TRAVEL AGENTS {WEBSITE} (part of the World Choice Franchise since 1996) was established here in about 1960. In their earlier years, however, the business specialised in printing and office supplies.

100 House - Most recently, until 2003 this was Hair By Peter Hairdressers. In the 1960’s the plumbers S. Underhill and Son had the shop.

102 SHOTTON BALTI RAJ Indian Take Away. Always a Fish & Chip shop / takeaway. In the 1990s it was called Shotton Fish Bar.In the 60’s and 70’s it was S. Bentham’s and known as the "Mayfair." In the 1950’s it was Greenslades Fish and chips.

104 WORKLINE RECRUITMENT Employment Agency opened here in 2001. For a short time in 200 -2001 it was DEESIDE C.D. & VIDEO. In the 1960’s it was Eugene Solty Watchmaker and in the 50’s it was Ken Jones' Hairdressers.


106 MALEBOX Men's Hairdressers opened here in 2002. It was empty for several years before this. Most recently it was Terminal 2 Taxi Hire for a few months in 1996. At the end of 1995 it was Lizzie's Fruits very briefly. It was empty for a few months in 1995 after the closure of DUDRIDGES Bookshop which had traded here since 1990. For many years before this it was Angharad's Antiques.

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