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17. The History Of The Shops

Chester Road West - Odd Numbers


The pedestrian tunnel under the railway was built about 1946.

Chester Road West after a heavy snowfall in 1963









1 C & J BECK Newsagent. Previously it was Jacksons' Newsagents between about 1970 - 75, and before that it was Harry Buckley's Newsagents.


3 AVACAR Private Hire Taxis. Briefly in 1998 it was a clothes shop. The shop was empty for most of 1998 - 99 following the closure of Roy Davies Fruit and Flowers, which had traded here since the 1960's. From early 1900’s to the 195O's it was Millington's who sold milk and dairy products. They made daily milk deliveries around the district with a horse and cart dispensing from the churn. This building stands on the site of Shotton's main public drinking water supply in the 17th to 19th centuries. A water spout stood here with a drinking trough for horses alongside.








CHARMLEY'S LANE. Which led to Shotton Hall Farm & Killins Farm. It was named after John Charmley the farmer of Shotton Hall Farm. In the 1880's it was known as Building Road. In the 1940's to 70's the lower end of the lane was called Shotton Hall Drive. A small industrial estate stood here at that time. There was Butler's Boat Yard, W. S. Butler Ltd.. Building Contractors and Windy Arbour Concrete Co. Later the boatyard became a joinery, and finally a light-engineering works.

5 BETHANY BOOKS. Christian Bookshop. From about 1970 - 80 it was Ethel Austin’s Clothes Shop. Melias Grocery Store stood here from about 1920 - 1970. Before this, it was Brenda Davies’ sweet shop.

7 & 9 BOOTS THE CHEMISTS. {WEBSITE} Boots took over in c.1952. In the 1950’s and 60’s Conlon and Sons Opticians were on the first floor. The Embassy Restaurant, occupied the site from about 1945 - 52. In 1910 it was called "The Arcade" and sold clothes. The Glazier Family owned it. The Glaziers moved to Shotton in 1906. They were a Jewish family from Poland. They assumed the name Glazier as that was Mr. Glazier's trade.

11 POTLUCK wool and fancy goods since 1995. It had been empty for about 18 months following the closure in October 1993 of D.F.B. Roberts Ltd. Bakers and Confectioners. Between about 1940 and 1988 Jacksons The Pork Butchers occupied the shop. Before this, another pork butchers called Hulson’s had traded here since about 1910.

13 & 15 NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK. {WEBSITE}. The District Bank stood here since about 1910 until the over in about 1970 and Nat West took redesigned the building.

17 SAYERS Confectioners. From about 1950 - 1980 it was Griffiths' of Chester Cakes. Before this it was Walker’s Cakes.

19 MONTROSE COFFEE SHOP moved here from number 29 in 1996. The shop had been empty for 3 years. The previous occupant between 1989 - 93 was ALAN PAUL Hairdressers. Before this, it was Frisby’s Shoe Shop, one of the longest established ~ shop businesses in the town, established in about 1910.

21 LAURENS Florists opened in March 2003 following 6 months in which the unit was empty. Before this Scantec Personnel Ltd Employment Agency. Until February 2000 it was the Cheshire Building Society. Between about 1950 - 80 it was Olive Wood’s ladies fashions.. It was called the "Westende Salon." In the 1940’s and 50’s it was the site of the Public Library.

23 - 25 PREMIER DISCOUNTS. Fancy Goods shop opened January 2002. Most recently it was Wallpaper World which was open here between- 1996 - 2001. Prior to this it was Granada TV Rental for around 6 months following the closure of John Hirst Radio Ltd. Home Entertainment Centre. Number 23 had been Hirst's for many years; before that, it was Barker’s Toy Shop. Number 25 was The Maypole Grocery Shop between about 1910 and 1960.

27 D & E BASKETT NEWSAGENT moved here from number 22 in 1996. The shop had been empty for one year, since the closure of Goulbourn Greengrocers and Fruitier. For a short time in the 1960’s it was a Cycle shop. In the 1920’s it was Iball’s Haberdashery.






29 CLAIRE HOUSE Charity Shop opened here late 2001. {WEBSITE} Kings Coffee Shop between 1997 to June 1999 following a short period of standing empty after the move of Montrose Coffee Shop to number 19. It stood empty from 1990 to mid ‘93. Before this it was the Original KINGS Coffee Shop since 1980. Prior to this it was Phillips Shoe Shop and Cobbler from about 1910.

Chester Road West, Shotton in c.1930 (left) and 1960 (right)

KING GEORGE STREET. Built in 1930 in George V’s reign. The C. P. School was built in 1909 and the first headmaster was Mr. James. The Conservative Club was built in 1911.

31 (EMPTY). The last occupant was Homecare Electrics Household Electrical Appliances. Between about 1970 and 1984 it was Fosters Menswear. From about 1920 to 1970 it was Bradley’s Gents Outfitters.

33 MOLYNEUX ESTATE AGENTS. {WEBSITE}. In the 1960’s it was William Ross Fishmongers and Fruitier. In the 1930’s it was John Lodwick’s Greengrocers.

35 Now part of HSBC Bank (see number 37). As a separate unit, it was The Pet Shop between 1995 - 96. Between 1987 - 92 it was Jones Bakers. In the 1950’s and 60’s it was Johnsons' Dry Cleaners.

37 HSBC Bank, {WEBSITE}. which is the new name for Midland Bank. This has been the same since it was built in about 1930.

39 LLOYDS TSB Bank (Previously TRUSTEE SAVINGS BANK). {WEBSITE}. This shop lay empty for many years in the 1980’s. Prior to this, it was Discount Foods Supermarket. In the late 70’s it was CRS furniture store. From about 1930 to 1973 it was the Co-op Grocery and Drapery.

Chester Road West c. 1960

41 & 43 Is a recently constructed shopping complex built on the site of the St.. Ethelwold’s National School. It consists of 5 units:

UNIT 1 CHESHIRE BUILDING SOCIETY {WEBSITE}. From February 2000. It has been empty for more than two years, the most recent occupier being POUND KINGS Discount Store which traded here between 1996 to 1998. Prior to this it had been empty for three years following the closure of Jack Beanstalk Video Hire

UNIT 2 SAVERS Drugstore. from 2000. Prior to this it was SUPERSAVE Drugstore (formerly called Lloyds Supersave)



UNIT 5 BARGAIN BOOZE. Off-Licence opened here late in 1999. LONDIS greengrocers traded here between 1995 - 1998. John Lodwick Fruitier was the first occupier.

PLYMOUTH STREET. Built in 1930. A famous building in this street, which predated the houses, was THE RITZ. It began its life as a dance hall in about 1920. Then from the 30’s to its closure in the 50’s it was a Picture House. Moreton Green Furniture Store then occupied the building until closure in 1997 and demolition of the building in 1998. The site is now a car park.

Moreton Green's shop (formerly "The Ritz") before demolition in 1997

45 & 47 "The Star" ALFRED JONES & SONS Gents Outfitters. Until about 1970 Alf Jones’ occupied only number 43. Number 47 was the Bon Marché which sold children's clothes and ladies lingerie.

49 MORE Discount Store opened here in 2001 and separated the building again from 51 - 55. It had been empty for more than 2 years following the closure of Tesco (See 51 - 55 below). Originally, it was the Tower Billiard Hall. In the early 1960’s it was Brown’s Auction Rooms. In the late 1960’s it opened as Vernon’s Discount Store, one of Shotton’s first modern-style supermarkets. When this closed Tesco purchased the building and knocked through to make it their "Home 'n Ware" department but later became merely an extension of the main store.


51 SECONDS AHEAD Clothes. First shop to open here since the conversion into a single unit in 2003.

53 - 55 COOL TRADER Frozen Foods opened here in 2003 after unit 51 - 55 was separated into 2 units

51 - 55 was Tesco Stores Supermarket which closed here in May 1999 after 29 years on the town.

The plot of 51 to 55 was the site of the locally famous Alhambra Cinema with a small shop each side of the entrance. The shop on the left (No. 51) was a sweet shop. On the right was Mrs. Nicholl’s Sewing aids and craft shop.

John Jones, who moved to Shotton from Silverdale, Staffordshire, in 1904, built the Alhambra in 1919. He built many other houses and shops in the town, and already owned two other cinemas, the "Picture Palace" in Victoria Road and one at the Co-operative Hall, Queensferry. At the age of 65 he was architect, surveyor and builder, laying about 2000 bricks each day. His two sons, Harold and Jack, helped with the building and his two daughters, May and Elsie, made seats and furnishings. When it was completed it had a capacity of 1000, it had a large balcony and two boxes, and was the finest hall of its kind in North Wales. It served both as a cinema and a theatre. The Christmas pantomimes were always popular there. There were also wrestling bouts here, with top wrestling stars, such as Jackie Pallo.


57 WOOLWORTH'S LOCAL {WEBSITE} Household Goods, which is the new name for the original occupiers F.W. Woolworth. This shop was built in about 1960 by Wimpy's and fitted out by Hickman's. Before that, there was only wasteland here, enclosed by corrugated tin sheets. On the land was the Shotton Institute, it also served as a Community Centre and a Scout Hut.


The Alhambra c. 1930


The Alhambra Picture House in 1967

VICTORIA ROAD. The building which is currently the CRYSTAL BINGO (Lintscan Ltd) was a dance hall known as the Crystal Ballroom. Before this it was the very popular Vaughan Hall dance hall. It was built by John Jones in about 1911 as the "Picture Palace," a forerunner to the Alhambra. It was later converted to an indoor market hall called "Boylons." Also in Victoria Road, at number 15 was Hugh Jones the chiropodist who moved tho The Anchorage at 22 Chester Road East in 1964. It then became "Rosalie" Hairdressers, owned by E.V. Crisp, who also owned a hairdressing salon at number 59 Chester Road West (see below)

59 HAIR FLAIR Hairderessers since mid 2004. It had been empty between 2001 -4 .Converted (together with number 61) into Cymru Garden Cafe and Greengrocers which opened and closed three times during 2000-1. Pero Fashions occupied number 59 until January 2000. Between 1970 and 1990 was Carlton Dry Cleaners and Children's clothes. Before this it was E. V. Crisp’s Hairdressers.

61 R & A HEWITT. Household goods moved across the road from Number 78 in mid 2002. It had been empty for about a year after being part of Cymru Garden (with number 59) in 2000-1. Pero Shoes were here between 1990-2000. Between 1968 and 1990 it was John Lodwick Greengrocer and Fruitier. In the 1960’s it was Whiltons Fruit and Flowers. In the 1930’s to 50’s it was Dodd's Fruit and Flowers shop.

63 HELP THE AGED Charity shop. {WEBSITE} A bargain goods shop stood here in 1991, in a newly built shop. It was waste ground for many years, but during World War II, and for many years after, an air raid shelter stood here.

65 SIGMA ELECTRICS Domestic Appliance and Microwave Oven Service opened here August 2003. Butler's Service Centre was here between late 1999- mid 2003. Big Deals On Beds opened here for a few months in 1998 following another brief period as Orchard Frozen Foods. It remained empty between 1995 - 97 following the closure of Oliver's Shoe shop which had been established in the town for many decades.

67 BUTLERS {WEBSITE} Electrical goods. Established in 1932 as T.J. Butler. Click here to go to their web site.

69 SERV-U-RITE. Delicatessen & Sandwich Bar opened in 2003 after being empty for 2 years. Taken over briefly in 2000 by Cymru Garden Greengrocers, but closed soon after due to move to 59 - 61. Prior to this it was JACKSON EVANS LTD Bread and confectionery, which opened in 1996 following the closure of William's Fruits. Prior to this it was Anne Marie Famous Names Seconds. In the 70’s & 80’s it was the Gas Showrooms. In the 1930’s and 60’s it was C. P. Jacks, who sold toys and prams.


71 COMMUNITY RESOURCE CENTRE. opened here in June 2002. It had been empty since Barclays Bank closed here in 1999.

73 ETHEL AUSTIN. When Ethel Austin took the shop it was open plan with number 75, next door. In the 60’s it was Status Homecare Centre. It began life as the Ideal Billiard Hall, with a sweets and ice cream shop on this side.

75 DISKOS Drugstore which has traded here since about 1985, but was called Just-a-Quid between 1997 - 2004. Before this it was part of number 73.

77 T & H PRICE Butcher. This is one of the longest established shops in Shotton.


ROWDEN STREET. Named after John Rowden Freme of Wepre Hall.

79 MOLTO Ex-catagogue goods. This is a (November 2001) name change for Gems Discount ex-catalogue gooda which opened in 2000. The store was empty for 12 months prior to this. It was Mr. Bevan DIY Store between 1976 and 1999. This building was constructed, together with numbers 81 to 89, in 1976. On this site had been H. K. Middletons (Shell) Petrol Station.

81 - 83 THE CHEF'S WOK oriental restaurant opened here in 1998. It had been the Imperial Palace restaurant between 1995 - 8. Before this it was Ozeer's Oriental Restaurant, which re-opened briefly in 1995 after a closure of about 18 months. Prior to this it was the Golden Key Chinese Restaurant and Take away.

85 - 87 CAREERS WALES {WEBSITE} which opened here in 1997 under the name Careers Plus. It had been empty for about 2 years after a short period of use as offices. Before this it was the JobCentre.

89 CYRIL JONES Solicitor {WEBSITE} since 2004 after being empty for almost two years following the closure of Lloyds Bank. Lloyds also occupied the old building on this site.

BROOK ROAD. Originally known as Nine Houses Lane. House building began around 1900. An old, very large oak tree once stood in this lane.

91 WHITTAM AND CO {WEBSITE}. Financial Services have occupied this building since the relocation of Town & Country Property Estate Agents in 1998. This building stood empty for many years in the 80’s. At one time it was a dentists surgery. In the 1930’s Teresa Roberts, a district nurse and Midwife lived here. The building was constructed in 1866 on the site of the RoundHouse.

Chester Road West, Shotton in 1900

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