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How Can You Help?

The History of Shotton - Deeside began as a personal hobby in 1985 and took eight years of research and compilation. After a few failed attempts to have my work published, it was consigned to a drawer in the bedroom for 3 years. The arrival of the Internet made it possible for me, at last, to share my research for the enjoyment of the residents of Deeside, past and present. The first page was published on the Web in early 1998.

The feedback that I have received over the subsequent years has been very encouraging and I am flattered that my Web Site has come to be viewed by many as THE electronic archive of Shotton and Deeside.

The research never ends. Over the years has seen the record grow further as new pieces of information and photographs have come to my attention. The "Shop" chapters are constantly in need of updating.

I have no intention of abandoning the web site in the forseeable future and it is my hope that it will continue to grow, and this is where you can help.

Please help The History of Shotton - Deeside to continue well into the 21st century, and to go from strength to strength.

Thank you

Keith Atkinson