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WHO is the PREY??

Hello. Welcome to Sharkkbait's Waters. Coming at you from sunny Fort Lauderdale, Fl. If you're wondering, "Why Sharkkbait?" Well, My name is Brian. And yes, "Sharkkbait" is my nickname. If you want to know why, CLICK HERE. If you want to see who I am, CLICK HERE FOR PICS. I have always loved sharks, and started reading about them at an early age. I was fascinated. However, these days, what I read turns my stomach. The senseless brutality and murder of sharks is on the rise, and the sharks are disappearing. When it was the bald eagle, or the Florida panther, everyone wanted to help save those species. With sharks, however, fear and ignorance leaves little public interest in protecting the shark.

There is a lot of mis-information about sharks and shark attacks in this world.Every year, bees kill a greater number of humans than do sharks, not to mention lightning strikes,poisonous snakes, and even fall injuries in the home.In fact, it is very rare that a human will actually be killed by a shark, even following an attack.Only about 15% of all shark attacks are fatal. Yearly, it's been averaging anywhere between 4-8 deaths a year. Many things people do for fun (not including ocean water activities) result in more deaths each year, including snow skiing, skydiving, hiking, and even bicycle riding. Most sharks will quickly realize that the human is not the food they were looking for, and leave quickly. Still, many people say that these attacks, although not fatal, must be terminated. I have read numerous accounts of people dying in vehicle accidents because they were trapped by their seatbelts. Some people burned to death, some of them drowned, simply because they could not leave the vehicle. Cause of death? The seatbelt. But these few incidents do not have america yelling for action to stop the use of seatbelts! A few small percentile of the world has died directly due to seatbelts. A few small percentile of the world has died directly due to shark attacks. In either case, we should not banish the cause of death. Far more people are saved from seatbelts, and far more swimmers, surfers, or divers have emerged from the oceans without even seeing a shark, let alone dying from an attack.

The extinction of sharks, due to man fishing for, or hunting sharks, and even man polluting the oceans, is a reality. Sharks are disappearing from the worlds oceans. Research groups estimate that some species of sharks have declined 80% in population in the last ten years. In fact, it is also estimated that a few species of sharks will be extinct within the next ten years. There is an estimated 350 different species of sharks, in approximately 30 family categories, however, we don't know exactly how many types of sharks exist. With the Great White, we don't know how they reproduce, or even how long they live. We have set up some preservation standards for the US, but in international waters, there are no shark preservation laws. There are (mostly asian)countries that catch live sharks, cut off their fins, and throw the torso back into the ocean, while the shark is still alive. They use parts of sharks for soup, cosmetic purposes, and sometimes, just for cold, hard cash.*It is estimated that each year, some 700,000 metric tons of sharks are taken from the oceans for these purposes. This is to the oceans, what destroying trees, rain forests, and wildlife is to the continents. We are not their prey, however, they have become ours. NEXT PAGE

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