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Mum's Box
Friday, 9 July 2004
Sweet Girl for Prez
Maybe *I* should run for el presidente? It just feels like this year has slim pickings and mostly sad sacks. The unenthusiastic and dull have come out of the woodwork with a slight odor of vegetable soup in the air. Have you ever smelled someone who has a veggie soup like aroma to them? Quite unsettling. Back to my original point that voting this year will be uninspiring to say the least and could possibly cause a rash. My vote this time around will be spent writing someone in whom I would like to be president. Now I know what you are thinking that a write in is like voting for Nader and that's equivalent to throwing your vote away. Well fuck you. Give me someone worth voting for and I'll stick my vote where the sun doesn?t shine for that party?s representative. I however do not see nor can I even begin to imagine that particular scenario ever happening in 2004. So I shall be a voting rebel if you will for 2 cycles in a row. As the world collectively gasps I voted for Nader in the last election and yes I live in Florida. So my swing state swung and I was ridding in the doorknob praying another party would get enough votes so we could have 3 party representation in the 2004 election. No dice. Well that crapshoot was lost but my hope for my vote making a statement has not. I will be writing in my own candidate. A person with honor, integrity, who seems to have grasped the English language and someone I pay attention to when they are mentioned. Vote for whoever you want but don?t' forget that there are more choices than the Sluggish Texan, the Kept Ketchup King or Neurotic Nader. *steps down from cat box*

Posted by fl/seaofsin at 5:18 AM EDT
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