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Mum's Box
Tuesday, 4 January 2005
Senor Motor Mouth
I love my child but this teething thing, I just don't know. How much longer will this go on. That damn book says it could be 2 years! *shakes head* The whinny cry is the worst. I mean I can handle the drool but the half ass cry we're emitting just needs to end. Pray for our pearlies.

Buffy quote of the day:
Let’s annihilate them for the safety of puppies and Christmas.

Posted by fl/seaofsin at 1:57 PM EST
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Monday, 3 January 2005
Self Esteem Bob the Builder
"I file you in the really cute and I totally want to do things to her from a porno mag". Now THAT is a nice new mommy compliment. It's funny to think of yourself as attractive to anyone else. Maybe that's an ingrained girl thing, I'm not sure but it's nice to know someone finds you attractive, someone other than your husband who might be legally obligated to call you beautiful. I was also called smart, funny and cute. Today might just be the best day of my new year.

Buffy quote of the day:
You're a nummy treat.

Posted by fl/seaofsin at 2:10 PM EST
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Friday, 31 December 2004
Mum Resolve

Sadly you are all going to be part of my new year’s resolution. Oh it’s nothing of importance like losing weight or becoming employed, but it is to frequently if not often update this page of odd. So as to start the New Year on the right foot, before I have to may I add, here is a post. A lot has happened over the holidays but nothing too shocking. My child has decided that he needs a tooth and it should be a molar (bottom left). I know that child will be smart and give me a run for my money. I feel old. So I’m off to scrub up this weary body, don my finest in jean attire, have some ‘burgers with the ‘rents then jet off to trip the light fantastic at the Catallo’s. Tracy would probably kill me to know I called her the “c” word and I understand. For those of us holding steadfastly to our maiden names we unite in sisterhood. I hope Jeremy and I kick their ass at “Outburst” since I have been so kind over the holidays. By the way over the turkey feast my hubby and I soundly kicked my in-laws ass at 2 games. This is the first time in 8 years that that has happened. We went back to our room and gave a high-five then had a celebratory smooch. My last little crunchy before I bid you ado is to relay this story. This morning Jerm’s payroll deposit posted for about $80 more than usual. So I needed to know why this had happened because obviously they forget to take money from my family and I wanted to know why. Well come to find out it was no big deal and my mother really told us what she thought the problem was. Of course she was right, I come from a long line of people who don’t like being wrong and who know a little too much for their own good. We got paid 27 times this year and medical only calculates for 26 payments needed. So joy to us we made an extra $80. I know I have become an adult because 5 years ago I wouldn’t have even cared why I made an extra $80 and I would have just gone and spent it on a purse. Ah, the joys of parenting and becoming someone a wee-one will love. *kisses* HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Posted by fl/seaofsin at 4:48 PM EST
Updated: Friday, 31 December 2004 4:51 PM EST
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Tuesday, 16 November 2004
This weekend I saw “The Incredibles” and it was, well incredible. You were waiting for that I know so like the go to girl I’m there for you. For those folks at home who aren’t aware I have this odd attraction to men in the media. By odd I don’t mean I have some shrine I’m hiding from my husband or some secret society I belong to with a decoder ring and t-shirt. That last one would be kind of cool but I’m bad at keeping a cool secret, that’s why I had to stop being a secret superhero. So anyway before I leave this train of thought and start babbling I need to go back and say I have an odd attraction to men in the media. Now most women think Colin Farrell or Brad Pitt are dreamy, I don’t disagree, but I wouldn’t go see a movie because they’re in it. My taste in media men seems to be more for the fringe element. Men I wouldn’t call classically obsessive but they do it for me and in the right way. One actor in particular is Jason Lee. If you know the employee list of “The Incredibles” you will most certainly realize that THE Jason Lee is in this movie. I geek out about movie things myself from time to time but didn’t realize he was one of the main voices. So imagine my surprise AND delight when I heard him, while on my second official date since the wee one has arrived, while sitting in the theater on Saturday. *purrs* Don’t let this little revelation sway you about my opinion of the movie. Pixar has amazed me since the beginning and this was no exception. Not only was the story funny and adult but also the characters were neat to watch. I like that. It made me think long and hard about what “cartoons” we were going to show Connor but that is a different topic for another early morning.

Posted by fl/seaofsin at 3:58 AM EST
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Friday, 12 November 2004
Land O'Plenty
Yesterday the wee one got his first round of immunization shots. He came through it like a champ but got so pissed while the shots were being administered he could not even cry. During that time I almost lost it but I managed to keep my shit together. Today will be filled with packing prep because I am evidently the most anal-retentive person on earth. I don't know many people who clean their house before they go on vacation but I don't want to leave the cats in a mess.

This is my favorite picture so far from my best friends wedding. I'm sure you didn't notice this so I just thought I would say, LOOK AT FLANDERS BOOBS!

Posted by fl/seaofsin at 9:03 AM EST
Updated: Saturday, 13 November 2004 8:01 PM EST
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Wednesday, 10 November 2004
Devil's Juice

You know, I was quite frankly shocked to learn that liquor sponsors were banned in NASCAR. Of course beer and malt liquor sponsors have always been there but I just thought Absolute Apple didn’t know how to market their high society martinis to Uncle Redneck. I can’t wait to see who will be sponsoring Little E next year. Maybe a Waltrip will now be able to advertise for Grey Goose. Thank god NASCAR was watching out to make sure that liquor distributors had a long record of responsible advertising. Let the good old boys drink a Crown and Coke while watching some speed freaks I say. You need something to take the edge off when you’re watching people drive around in a circle for 3 hours.

Posted by fl/seaofsin at 3:52 PM EST
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Tuesday, 9 November 2004
Hanging Chad
I am SO thankful that the election is over. Since I dwell in a battleground state I had had enough of the ad campaigns about 6 months ago but the sheer frenzy as we approached the finish line made me almost decide to start reading books again. Of course TV is my precious and I refuse to be run off. I haven’t been very thrilled to vote since 1996 when I voted for Clinton in my voting debut. In 2000 I tried to make my vote count so there could be third party representation in the next election and I voted Nader. I was proud of myself for taking a stand with my vote. I believed it was important and both candidates didn’t impress me much so it really didn’t matter. Of course I should let you know that geographically I live in Florida and still I would have voted Nader. If the candidates would have been appealing at all then the damn election wouldn’t have been so perilously close and 537 people wouldn’t have caused so damn many problems. Now this year we had more voters turn out but once again it was close. My civic duty was fulfilled when I stood in line for an hour and a half with the 6 week old. Connor was the lucky one because he slept the entire time and then got to wear my “I voted” sticker. It is a little upsetting though to think that the majority of the people in this country vote on just one issue and their issues are a little backwards. I honestly thought that more people in this country were open-minded but evidently I am on the cutting edge. The more I learn about who voted and what issues motivated them to vote, the more concerned I am about this countries future. Maybe the DNC will get their shit together and offer up someone who I get EXCITED to vote for. I would like to feel that I’m voting for someone with a pulse AND a brain. The whole idea that people can identify with Bush because he’s a fuck-up really bothers me. Now the republicans control the senate, house and have a president. Let’s all raise our glasses to you getting some shit done around this country. Clean up this mess in Iraq and this country. Help my healthcare, schools, taxes, 401K, social security, deficit and interest rates. I am not the most religious person but I will be praying for the safety of homosexuals and the future of my uterus. This is a wonderful country full of people with differing opinions. I love living here among those of you who aren’t bright enough yet to figure out you’re ignorant. It enriches my life and provides hours of taunting entertainment. This election has made me realize how out of touch politics is with the “Average Joe” and it’s also made me realize that the “Average Joe” needs to learn a little more than what’s in the Old Testament.

Posted by fl/seaofsin at 8:07 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 9 November 2004 8:10 AM EST
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Wednesday, 3 November 2004
On the Bright Side?

On the bright side we should have 2 competely new people to choose from in 2008. It would be helpful if they aren't both twats next time around.

Posted by fl/seaofsin at 3:27 PM EST
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Monday, 1 November 2004
1st Halloween

Behold my perfect child, weep!

Posted by fl/seaofsin at 8:26 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 1 November 2004 8:31 PM EST
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Thursday, 28 October 2004
The West Wing Spoiler
I have explored this dirty little secret I have before on this website but it must come out full-blown now. I feel it is important to be honest to the internet community and confess that I am more than slightly obsessed with “The West Wing”. Now I’m going to leave the happy highway that I normally travel when discussing “TWW” because I think they’re going to KILL OFF LEO! For the love of God people you cannot kill Leo and leave me with the sad shell of my former existence. It seems that Aaron Sorkin leaving the show has not had a good influence on “TWW”. What has drawn me to it was the wit and humor and the availability to watch old episodes on Bravo. I have had to endure hours of commercials for “Inside the Actors Studio”. I’m sorry but that’s a ripe piece of shit I don’t ever want to devote my time to. The amount of ass kissing going on in the ads makes me sick. For the first time in my life I actually want to read a spoiler page about the show. As I venture forth on this sordid journey I will wear protection, well not really but let’s pretend. *takes a deep breath and reads about the season* Oh Lord. OK, I can continue on with my life.

Posted by fl/seaofsin at 2:35 PM EDT
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