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Here you'll find a list of articles that will help you understand the screw controversy. Check back occationally, this list will be on-going, and send in any articles (or the URL) that you think belong in our library.

You can start here:

Pedicle Screw Info

Pedicle Screw Litigations
Info about Bone Screws
Lots of Screw Info (Lois' site)
Problems with Screws
20/20 Transcripts

Links to Educate

Info from Harvard
Lots of Educational Links
American Society for Action on Pain
The Australian Spine Institute
Spine Anatomy & More
No.America Spine Society
Worldwide Congress on Pain
American Pain Society
Virtual E.R.
Virtual Hospital

Home Pages

Katt's Activist Page
Lots of Screw Info (Lois' site)
Great Scoliosis Information from Holly

Info on Arachnoiditis

A good starting point
Support for Arachnoiditis patients (COFWA)
Dr Sarah Smith's site. A must read
"The Arachnoiditis Society of America"
A UK site loaded with info about Arachnoiditis

Orthopedic Magazine Articles

P/screw Cohort Study
Screws are Reclassified
Spine Magazine Article
S/steel or Titanium? A Review
Failed Back Syndrome
Sex and Back Pain

Assorted Articles

20/20 Broadcast
The Future of Orthopedics
AAOS on Templates for P/screws
Senator Kennedy on Screws
Opiates and Their Benefits
What Hurts & How Much?
How Your Mind Can Help
Codeine Ineffective for Some
Deg.Disc Disease

Pain Articles

BusinessWeek on Pain
More from BusinessWeek
What's New in Pain Relief
Sciatica (hip & leg) Pain
The American Pain Society on Pain
Gene Therapy for Pain
Boston Globe Article on Pain
Know The Type Of Pain You Have
Pain Receptors Play a Major Role
A Word About Exercise
New Breed of Pain Killers
Non-Drug Pain Relief
Wired for Pain?