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1. Who is the killer's first victim?

A. Casey Becker, because she dumped Stu

B. Steve, because the killer hates jocks

C. Mauren Prescott, because the was sleeping with the killer's father

D. Tatum Riley, because she was hooking up with Stu

2. What is the killer's weapon?

A. An icepick

B. A handgun

C. A butcher knife

D. A hammer

3. Who does Casey watch die on her patio?

A. Her friend Tatum

B. Steve, her boyfriend

C. Her Mom

D. Her Dad

4. What do the police find in Casey Becker's mailbox?

A. Her Liver

B. Her Heart

C. Her Dead Cat

D. Her Brain

5. What town in California does SCREAM take place in?

A. Los Angeles

B. Beverly Hills

C. Santa Monica

D. Woodsboro

6. What kind of costume does the killer wear?

A. Jason

B. Mr. Ghostface

C. Casper, The Friendly Ghost

D. Freddy Kruger

7. What was the subject of Gayle Weathers' book?

A. Her personal rise from small town anchor-woman to a big time journalist

B. Horror movies

C. Small town murder cases

D. The framing of Cotton Weary

8. What weapon does Sydney use to ward off the killer when he's attacing her?

A. A handgun

B. An icepick

C. An umbrella

D. A screwdriver

9. What is Stu's Address?

A. 261 Turner Lane

B. 1018 Park Avenue

C. 407 Chestnut St.

D. 1905 Evergreen Terace

10. What does Tatum do to the killer to try to save herself?

A. Stab him

B. Throw beer bottles at him

C. Push the refrigerator on top of him

D. Run him over with her car

11. What is the Woodsboro High Mascot?

A. Wild Cat

B. Panther

C. Ranger

D. Viking

12. How does Sydney kill Stu?

A. Pushes the TV over on top of him and he is electricuited

B. Bashes his head in with a hammer

C. Shoots him

D. Poisons him

13. What weapon does Casey pick up from on top of the TV to defend herself from the killer?

A. Letter Opener

B. Screw Driver

C. Hanger

D. Power Drill

14. How many people die in SCREAM?

A. 1

B. 7

C. 6

D. 8

15. Where did Dewey Riley get stabbed?

A. In the heart

B. In the leg

C. In the back

D. In the arm

16. Where did Randy get shot?

A. In the head

B. In the shoulder

C. In the leg

D. In the back

17. What musical group does sydney have a poster of in her room?

A. The Spice Girls

B. The Indigo Girls

C. No Doubt

D. Alanis Morresette

18. What is Dewy's licsense plate number on his cop car?

A. 534786

B. dewy23

C. 637480

D. wodsbro

19. Who does Gale beat with her cellular phone?

A. Billy

B. Stu

C. Randy

D. Kenny

20. What does the killer say when he thinks he is about to kill Gayle Weathers?

A. "So long sucker!"

B. "This is Gayle Weathers, Signing off!"

C. "Bye-Bye little birdie!"

D. "Wam-Bam, thank you mam!"

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