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Sciurus species
Common name: Species name: Nickname: weight (g): where found:
Tassel-eared aberti Big Tufty like, 550 to 750 Arizona to Colorado; Mexico
Brazilian (Drawing by Fiona Reid) aestuans midget of Sciurus around 159 to 218 Venezuela to N. Argentina
Allen's alleni unknown Mexico
Persian anomalus Arab squirrel unknown Turkey to Transcaucasia to Iran to Israel
Apache Fox apache unknown s. Arizona, New Mexico
Arizona Gray arizonensis like, 605 to 706 Arizona to n. Mexico, New Mexico
Red-Bellied Gray aureogaster from 430 to 680 Guatemala, Mexico; introduced to Elliot Key, Florida
Eastern Gray carolinensis Bushytail between 400 and 680 e. USA, se. Canada; introduced to Britain, South Africa, and w. USA
Chiricahua chiricahuae unknown Arizona
Collie's colliaei unknown Mexico
Deppe's deppei like, 190 to 220 Mexico to Costa Rica
Flame flammifer unknown Venezuela, Colombia
Yellow throated gilvigularus unknown n. Brazil
Red-tailed (Drawing by Fiona Reid) granatensis Firetail from 212 to 520 Ecuador to Venezuela to Costa Rica
Western Gray (Photo by Howard Towner) griseus between 500 and 949 Washington to California
Bolivian Red ignitus like, 225 to 240 Andes (Bolivia and Peru), Brazil, nw. Argentina
North Amazon Red (Drawing by Fiona Reid) igniventris from 500 to 900 nw. Brazil, Colombia, s. Venezuela
Japanese lis Risu unknown Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu (Japan)
Nayarit Fox nayaritensis unknown Mexico, se. Arizona
Eastern Fox niger King of Sciurus between 400 and 1200 e. USA and ne. Mexico; introduced to w. USA
Peter's oculatus unknown Mexico
Pucheran's (Drawing by Fiona Reid) pucheranii unknown Andes (Colombia)
Junin Red pyrrhinus unknown Andes (Peru)
Richmond's richmondi like, 235 to 268 Nicaragua
Sanborn's sanborni unknown Peru
South Amazon Red spadiceus from 600 to 650 Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia
Guayaquil stramineus unknown ne. Peru, se. Ecuador
Variegated variegatoides between 450 and 520 Mexico to Panama
Eurasian Red vulgarus Little Tufty like, 210 to 410 Portugal and Britain to Japan and Siberia
Yucatan yucatanensis unknown Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala

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