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Squirrels--Why are they being neglected?

Most people don't usually think of squirrels when they hear the words "nature" or "wildlife." This confuses the heck out of me because to me, squirrels are so common and noticeable!

One thing is, I think people should have at least a little education about all the kinds of squirrels. People know about black bears, grizzly bears, polar bears, etc. But very few of us know about fox squirrels, gray squirrels and red squirrels! Hmm... is it because squirrels are small and common that makes them less interesting? I don't think that way. Because people see more squirrels than bears, I think people should know more about the kinds of squirrels than about the kinds of bears.

Also, how can people resist such adorable animals! When I watch them, I am fascinated. Very few other people are fascinated, but I think more people should be!

Come on, people. When you see a squirrel, please notice.

Squirrel Rights:

Squirrels have the following rights:
1. The right to be fed by a friendly human
2. The right to own a human as a pet
3. The right to take residence in the attic of a human; for squirrels have been in the vicinity before the house was built
4. The right to be cute (which is obviously not a problem)
5. The right to be noticed
6. The right not to be hunted
7. The right not to be harrassed by small children

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