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Fox Squirrels

Here's someon's cute "pet" fox squirrel:

I've been looking hard for a picture of the variety of fox squirrels here in Florida. I finally found one and uploaded it to my tripod page. Here it is. Note the white nose and ears. The difference between this one and the ones I've seen is that he's not as colorful and his face isn't as black.

Photo Courtesy Joe Walles

Aside from the photo above, I finally was able to download a fox squirrel that I photographed myself. Forgive the vagueness; a photo of a Florida fox squirrel (taken by me) is almost as rare as a real UFO photo.

Another Fox squirrel from Florida (Sherman's Fox Squirrel) Up Close!:

Two Fox Squirrels Nibbling:

Fox Squirrel on a tree:

More Fox Squirrels:

Oh, there's more... Scroll down for ones that were e-mailed to me. The numbered ones were called "Friday's Squirrels" when they were sent to me, photo courtesty of Bill Cooper.

Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3Photo 4
Photo 5 Photo 6 Photo 7 Photo 8
Photo 9 Photo 10 Photo 11Photo 12
Photo 13 Photo 14 Photo 15Photo 16
Photo 17 Photo 18 Photo 19Photo 20
Photo 21 Photo 22 Photo 23Photo 24
Photo 25 Photo 26 Photo 27Photo 28
Photo 29 Photo 30 Photo 31Photo 32
Photo 33 Photo 34 Photo 35Photo 36
Photo 37 Photo 38 Photo 39Photo 40
Photo 41 Photo 42 Photo 43Photo 44
Photo 45 Photo 46 Photo 47Photo 48
Photo 49 Photo 50 Photo 51Photo 52
Photo 53 Photo 54 Photo 55Photo 56
Photo 57 Photo 58 Photo 59 Photo 60
Photo 61 Photo 62 Photo 63 Photo 64
Photo 65 Photo 66 Photo 67 Photo 68

Map of USA with clickable states so you can see what fox squirrels look like in your state.

Click on the map of the United States Washington Oregon Idaho Montana Wyoming California Nevada Utah Arizona Colorado New_Mexico North_Dakota South_Dakota Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma Texas Minnesota Iowa Missouri Fox Squirrel Arkansas Louisiana Wisconsin Michigan Fox Squirrel Illinois Indiana Ohio Kentucky Tennessee Fox Squirrel Mississippi Alabama Georgia Florida South_Carolina North_Carolina Virginia West_Virginia Pennsylvania Delaware New_Jersey New_York Connecticut Rhode_Island Massachusetts Vermont New_Hampshire Maine Alaska

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