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"A Sprock Time"
Sprock must get to Vulcano to date or he'll just die.

"Who Whines for Adonistone"
Another immortal wannabe wants the Magnetize crew to admire him.

"I am Gomad!"

"The Changing Thing"
A confused but dangerous rockbot thinks Kirkstone is its creator - yeah, like that could happen.

"Mere, Mere"
A dropping party is accidentally whisked into another universe where everything is just the opposite - Kirkstone is supposed to be smart, and everyone else stupid.

"The Orange"
Kirkstone tries to prevent a big chunk of rock from bossing primitive cavepeople around.

"The Doomsday Thing"
A doomsday thing mucks up the works for the Magnetize crew.

"I got a rock."

Kirkstone discovers a Halloween planet and orders the whole crew to go trick-or-treating.


"I, Muddstone"
Kirkstone and Muddstone try to keep androcks from using the Magnetize for spare parts.

An alien cloud thing uses the crew of the Magnetize to keep another man it likes "only as a friend" company.

"Journey to Babelrock"
An annoyed Kirkstone must take some diplomats somewhere and make them behave.

"Friday's Cavechild"
Klingasauruses are trying to move in on Cretaceous II; meanwhile, Kirkstone tries to ward off rumors that the planet's queen is carrying his baby.

"Six pints, please!"

A bloodsucking cloud creature Kirkstone encountered years before comes back to make another withdrawal.

"Wolfasaurus in the Fold"
Shoddy is accused of farting on a planet where such acts are outlawed.

"Captain... these trubbles are drunk!"

"The Trouble with Trubbles"
Klingasauruses threaten an outpost where small furry creatures with horns try to drink all of the booze.

"Yabba-dabba YOU!"

"The Boxers of Triskelion"
Kirkstone is abducted to be trained by a beautiful female boxing instructor.

"A Piece of Inaction"
The Magnetize answers a distress call from a planet where the inhabitants haven't really decided what they want to do with themselves.

"The Impugnity Syndrome"
The Magnetize must battle a giant blob that eats more than Kirkstone does.

"A Private Little Foodfight"
Kirkstone must thwart a Klingasaurus effort to start a devastating foodfight on a farming planet.

"Sprock, uhhh... when did those guys say they were comin' back?"

"Wait 'Til Tomorrow"
Aliens want to use the bodies of crewmembers to do their chores.

"Patterns of Farce"
Kirkstone must stop a stoneship captain from converting a whole planet's populace to Naztism.

"By Any Other Moniker"
Alien vacationers from another galaxy want to borrow the Magnetize to run back home real quick and get the cooler they left behind.

"The Ohmygod Glory"
Man, can Kirkstone pick his friends: another stoneship captain corrupts a planet with talk of liberty and freedom and all that other crap.

"Whoa... NOW who's Captain Dunzel?!"

"The Ultimate Abacus"
A new device called an abacus is installed on the Magnetize to see how well it can parallel park.

"Money and Amusement Parks"
Kirkstone discovers a planet where television rules and starts his own talk show.

"Yes, Isis... FAT would be an understatement!"

"Assignment: Girth"
Stonefleet orders Kirkstone to go on a diet.



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