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"I've heard all kinds of sounds coming from these things, but 'yabba dabba doo' was a new one to me."

"It's still hungry...and i've been stuffing worms into it all day."

"Quit complaining and eat it!...number one, chicken soup is good for the flu--and number two, it's nobody we know."

Testing whether laughter really IS the best medicine.

"You know, it's really dumb to keep this right next to the fact, i don't even know why we keep this stuff around in the first place." (it may be hard to tell, but the box is a box of rat poison.)

"NO MORE! NO MORE! I can't take it! That incessant buzzing noise!" (anyone who knows me well, knows i have a real problem with noises.)

"Well, so much for the unicorns! but from now on, all carnivores are confined to C deck!"

"Through the hoop, Bob! Through the hoop!"