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How to:

  • HOW TO MUD MAIL:From recall,go south,east,north,then type mail person,then type in message and type /s to send
  • HOW TO GO TO QUESTORS:from recall,go south,south,east,east,east,east,south.To leave just say home
  • HOW TO REQUEST A DAILY QUEST:go to questors,type request
  • HOW TO NOT GET IN TROUBLE: Don't spam,don't annoy,ask stuff politey,don't repeat too much
  • HOW TO GET BACK INTO THE NEWBIE ZONE:GO to recall,turn disk,go north
  • HOW TO GET TO WEAPON SHOP:from recall,go south,south,east,east,north,type list
  • HOW TO BUY FROM STORES:type list,then buy # item
  • HOW TO GET TO ARMOR SHOP:from recall,go south,south,west,south,type list
  • HOW TO GET BREAD:From recall,go south,south,west,north,type list
  • HOW TO REFIL A LIQ. CONTAINER:Go to a fountain,type fill item fountain
  • HOW TO REGENERATE : Make sure you have more then 3 con,go east of recall,drink and eat,then sleep
  • HOW TO GET QUESTIONS ANSWERED:Mudmail me,i'll help ya...or e-mail me....