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CTF Help

What is CTF? CTF is Capture the flag. In Astromud..a god wil start one once in a while. Mostly its started by players. For players it costs 250k for a normal game,and 2million gold coins for a CREDIT game. A credit game means that the team that wins gets a credit. After 20 credits you get a quest point. Once you have gotten quest points,from either games or quest mobs. You can get really really good eq. Now,lots of people ask "How do i get out? How do i get the other team's flag??" Well,you scan around in the flag room until you find the door,then go through the door.If you are looking for red,its usually a southern direction,southwestern direction most of the time. Blue is the opposite.If you can get the flag,RUN back to base....its different each game so it isn't too easy. And you are allowed to kill others in this game.You do not loose anything when dying in CTF.NOTE:somtimes flagroom door isn't closed and so that means scan won't work when looking for the door...also...the general direction doesn't work alot either...they mix it up alot.

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