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Hiya,I'm Coldblood...I've been searching throughout many realms for 6 years and finally think that AstroMUD is where I belong.I'm a lvl 50 Priest paragon skilled in:Mage Priest Thief Fighter Barbarian Rogue Illusionist Wizard Paladin Assassin Monk Witch Conjurer Ranger Alchemist . I have only played this game for about a year and a half.I started as a annoying little newbie and went to a bigger annoying newbie *grins*I might have nice eq, but I still don't know jack about certain places in the game.I'm in Anjaan, A kick arse EVIL clan,Ye must be lvl 35 to join,contact one of the members.I started out as a assassin....and went from there. Yes Assassinating is dangerous and there is a chance you will die,but if ye do it right ye won't. Well,if ye have any questions about me please e-mail....yes I did play Gemstone3,Terris for a while My stats are currently: 2610 hp,2768 mana,540 movement,33 hitroll,23 damroll

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