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Class stuff is my opinion on the classes in Astromud. ROGUE=its a ok get some spells,a few thief things and also a very helpful dt skill. ASSASSIN=i think is a very good start class..but is very hard to remort.You can Assassinate which kills a mob in one hit...but there are limits on this..and you can die easily.But this i think is a good get alot of thief skills and LORE WHICH IS VERY VERY HELPFUL!!.This was my first class... FIGHTER= good class for a newbie,you get lots of hp..little mana,lots of fighting skills. BARBARIAN= not so good...its like a fighter but you get a little more hp and get hit all skill which it totally useless unless you want to hit every mob in the room which is a easy way to die.The barbs are really really dumb. WIZARD= Helpful class,not good for starting class. You get relocate,identify,graft weapon and locate object. Good class after getting Mage and priest and illuisonist. MAGE= Very good starting class,you get lots of offense spells,like Detonat and flamestrike. And good mana but not so good on hp's. PRIEST= Many people make multi priests these days,they have full heal and healing spells and have sanctuary which reduces the damage a mob will do you to.A good class to have ILLUISONIST=Good class to have after mage and priest,you get Airshield(like sanctuary),web silence,and portal.also word of recall i get that from priest to i believe. WITCH= a pretty bad class i get aura blast and thats bout it. MONK= good class to have..aura blast,strength and bout equal mana and hp PALADIN= They fight a little,have a little healing spells and stuff.its a "ok" class RANGER= i think this is a useless class,but it has forest haven,which is the same as vanish from Assassin class. THIEF= same as assassin...but can pick locks and steal DO NOT STEAL FROM PLAYERS! CONJURER=its get summon,teleport and stuff... ALCHEMIST= I think its the MOST useless class in the game,their thing is making potions.BLEH HOPE THIS HAS HELPED! any questions plz mail me

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