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Newbie's guide to AstroMUD

Ok,first thing is first,pick yer race.Once you have looked at all the races and has chosing wisley,like if you wanna be a assassin pick the goblin race,or for fighters the draco race.If yer having trouble in this area e-mail me. for more experianced players try some magic users.Ok,after profession the god ye are branded by doesn't really matter. Once ye finish all that ye are transported to the newbie area,if yer new to telnet games you will probably not know what to do.The first thing to type is this:Autoexit,this shows all the exits,then type Autoloot,autosplit,autoassist,autodiag and autogold ok,after that type wear all and you will wear and wield whatever ye have.Use the SCAN command to look around into different rooms to see whats there. Find the trainers and for fighting professions like thief,assassin,fighter etc. train 2 times in con and once in wis. If yer a magic users train twice in wis and once con. these help you with HP and practice sessions.To practice you must be at the trainer and type PRAC to see what skills you can practice in. Choose wisely,if you don't know ask people or use HELP commands,lvls 1-3 kill boys and girls and stuff around the newbie area,to see if you can kill the creature type CON ex: con boy DO NOT KILL OTHER PLAYERS,this is bad and you will be punished. If you get lost just type RECALL and type: turn disk;then go north. I hope this newbie guide has helped you. My characters in Astromud are Coldblood and Soulhunter If you have any QUESTIONS or CONCERNS,plz MUDMAIL me. You go south,east,north and type MAIL COLDBLOOD to mail me,and type /s to send it. Mudmail is a form of communicating to other mudders while they aren't on at the same time as you.To get mudmail just type receive and read the mail.
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