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WHAT is ANJAAN?Anjaan is a EVIL clan.Vampires are always welcome.ANJAAN All of us have a close relationship,all though...heh..anyone who crosses a member of ANJAAN and they are a member theirselves...well...they won't like wot we do to them.To be in ANJAAN you must get to lvl 35.We all vote on who gets in,and who doesn't and this vote depends alot on how you play the mud,how annoying you are ect. ect. Also on what clans you asked to join before you came to ANJAAN .NOTE: its not good to bug us to level you all the time.

Here is member standing:
Leaders: Wrath and Nog
zeke                   yeshnar                elfhiem                
yarrick                rafu                   jasmine                
matuler                draf                   gemini                 
vaer                   rakkur                 masada                 
blaze                  milamber               coldblood              
ladyevil               relicast               nog                    
dakkon                 masamichi              wrath                  
soulhunter             grimlock               akasha                 
fujisawa               sarevok                stakkar                
nicholas               maraxus                vegeta                 
goku                   ragnarok               darkangel              
bane                   jeremy                 galuf                  
sage                   eeegee                 pryde                  
brawn                  taegost                adrianna               

*Obone has left,he will always be remembered by us that knew him* If you have any questions...ask me or contact a member,or the leaders.

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