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Western, Route 43.  Twisty, low traffic density, good road condition. Just North of Roanoke Rte 43 runs between the Blue Ridge Parkway and Rte 11 in Buchanan VA. Albeit a short run, it's a roller coaster. Very steep with continous hairpin turns. This road is not for the inexperienced rider as one slip and you will die.

Shenandoah mountains, route 250. Both scenic and twisty, good road condition. Head west on Rt. 250 from Skyline Drive. This is THE road. It goes through the Shenendoah mountains and the Allegheny mountains, twisting and turning up and down the mountains all the way. Good pavement the whole way, little gravel, very little traffic, overall an excellent road. The corners were incredible. Some corners felt like they were circling all the way back to where you started from and most turns were followed by another similar turn in the other direction! These roads are NOT for the beginner rider. You can return east on Rt. 33. MAP

 Route 33. Off of Skyline Drive, headed west into the mountains and into West Virginia. This road is absolutely great, super tight corners, lots of elevation changes, constant switchbacks, and a great view to boot. MAP

 Western, route 16. Very twisty, good road condition, but be careful of stone and rocks in the street. North from Marion to Tazewell, it is very twisty and unforgiving of rider mistakes. South of Marion there are some open straight stretches, with tight S-turns between them. MAP

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