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Southern, UT 12. Twisty, Medium density, good road quality. From the vicinity of US 89 south of Panguitch, head east toward Bryce Canyon N.P. through low sandstone ridges. The Canyon is a great place to visit, BTW. Continue east to "Kodachrome Basin S.P.", where many types of rock formations make beautiful photos. Continue east thru Escalante as the road climbs. You've got national parks on the left, wild open country all around. Bring WATER! The road continues to climb and turns northward, ending at Torrey after about 110 miles. You'll climb through various types of terrain, from the desert level at the western end, up to over a mile above sea level, with truly spectacular views along the way. Bits of the road may be under construction. From Torrey, you can continue easterly on UT 12 through Capitol Reefs N.P., ultimately connecting to I70 toward CO, or head west on UT 24 back into mountains and national parks, and I70. MAP

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