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Eastern, Hwy 4. Both twisty and scenic, low traffic density, good road quality. Hwy 4 west from Cleburne (just south of Ft Worth) to Granbury. Twisty and some hills. Also Hwy 4 north/west from Granbury to Palo Pinto is scenic + hilly. Fun road to ride. Good eats in Granbury.


Eastern, 1431 near Austin between Cedar Park and Marble Falls. Twisty, low traffic density, good road condition. Take 183 North out of Austin to Cedar Park and turn west on 1431.  The first 8 or 10 miles is a four lane, big sweeping curvy, high speed paradise.  Then just after you pass through Lago Vista, it gets down to two lanes of the tightest, most hilly turns in this part of the state.  You will invariably see at least 20 to 30 fellow bikers on any nice Sat. or Sun.  The local fuzz seems to be inclined towards leaving us be..... knock on wood.  There are also a couple of biker friendly pit stops along the way.  The only drawbacks are the very rare occasional gravel patches and the limited sight due to the thick trees.  If you can make yourself slow down enough, you might notice that you are on the north shore of Lake Travis and there are plenty of georgeous lookouts, parks, and such. It's smack dab in the middle of the Texas hill country, and is a beautiful drive. MAP

Eastern, FM 166. Twisty, low traffic density, satisfactory road condition. A good riding road. If you don't mind the occasional farm animal or slow moving truck. In the wet season there may be mud on the road from farm machinery. There are some serious short sight distance 90 degree turns. Take it easy until you know the road. The road runs from Caldwell TX to the Brazos river near Bryan/College Station. Enter from the east off of State Highway 50 or on the west off of State Highway 36.

Northeastern, route 917. Twisty, low traffic density, excellent road quality. This road starts in Mansfield Tx., which is just south of Arlington (suburb of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex). It has continuous twisties, and once you cross over I-35, the road has been recently paved, and is very very nice. Most of the corners have a lot of visibility, but be careful the first few times down this road. Because of the visibility, you think that some of the corners are faster then they really are. Learn this road and you will love it time and time again. NOTE: There is one corner that is labeled _20 MPH_ heed this warning, it really is! Heading down this road from Mansfield, its a VERY sharp 90 degree left hander. Have Fun and Keep The Rubber Side DOWN!!!

Southwestern. Route 170 between Presidio and Terlingua follows the Rio Grande river with tight twisties and frequent elevation changes through the narrow river gorge. MAP

Southwestern, TX 118. Twisty, Low density, excellent quality. Suggest you start on I20 near Kent, out in W texas, about 150 miles EAST of El Paso, run south into the Davis Mountains. The road twists southward, eventually meets TX 17 outside Fort Davis. Just before the intersection there's a state park (Davis Mtns) - take a moment, go into the park, check out the motel at the far end of the park - built like an Indian pueblo. In Fort Davis visit the restored fort. Used to be home of the 9th and 10th Cav Regts - white officers and black troops called Buffalo Soldiers by the Comanches who were kept in check by the Cav guys. Stop at the town drug store for some good eatin'. Now you can continue on to Alpine, see the little museum at the Sul Ross State Univ, dedicated to living in the frontier SW or go on TX 17 to Marfa and visit the famous Marfa Lights (ghost lights, never explained, visible since the 1800s!). This is amazing country - you're on the northern edge of the Chihuahan Desert. If you have time you could take Tx 118 all the way to Terlingua, home of the famous chili cookoff, and on into Big Bend NP. If you get into Big Bend be sure to ride up to the Basin - a dead volcano caldera (the inside) with its own motel and restaurant. Enjoy. MAP

South Central, Hwy 16. Twisty, low density, good quality. Hwy 16 north out of Bandera TX to Kerrville TX.

South Central, FM 337. Twisty, medium density, good quality. FM 337 between Vanderpool and Leaky. This is a great twisty road. One of the favorites for the local Texas Hill Country motorcyclists. Tight 10-20 mile an hour switch backs and great views. Several blind corners. There are rock walls on one side, steep drop offs with Armco barriers on the other. This road needs to be riden with caution your first couple of times down it.

South Central, FM 337. Both scenic and twisty, medium Density, good road quality. FM 337 between Medina TX and Campwood TX. Be sure and stop in Vanderpool and the little store. It's a watering hole for local motorcyclists.

South Central, The 100 mile loop. FM 336 - Hwy 41 - FM 335 - FM 337. Both scenic and twisty, low density, good quality. The 100 mile loop. Take FM 336 north out of Leaky TX to Hwy 41 West to FM 335 South. When you get to Hwy 55, you can continue south to FM 337, or you can take a detour up Hwy 55 North for about 18 miles through some great high speed sweepers on four lane road. Scenery here is great also. Once you reach the point where the two lane starts again, and the long straights start, it's time to turn around and do it again! When you get back to FM 337 in Camp Wood TX, head back East to Leaky. If you do not do the detour up Hwy 55, the trip is about 100 miles from Leaky and back. If you do the detour it is about 145 miles. You should gas up in Leaky no matter what. It gets pretty desolate out on the FM roads.

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