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Eastern, US 64 from Cleveland TN to Brevard NC. Both twisty and very scenic. Medium traffic density, and the road is generally in good shape. Taking 64 from Cleveland TN to Brevard NC takes you past a bunch of waterfalls, and the site of the White Water competition for the Atlanta Olympics. The road goes over the top of the smokies in that area, and offers what's said to be hundreds of waterfalls within a mile of the road. One actually falls into the middle of the road near the top of the mountains. (Fence around the hole in the pavement, with one lane dodging under a rock outcrop.)

Eastern, US 441. VERY scenic and twisty, but low speed. The federal speed enforcement folk do not like folk going much over 35 or 45, depending on the stretch.. (That runs from Gatlingburg, TN to almost Dillsboro, NC. Mostly 2 lanes in a federal area.

Central, route 56/141. Both twisty and scenic, medium traffic density, excellent road condition. Beautiful scenic and twisty road with excellent pavement quality. Starts in Tracy City and ends in Lebanon, about 110 mi. Before you get to Interstate 40 turn into 141. Average speed on 56 about 60mph and on 141 about 50mph.

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