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Northeast. Riverview Road. Both scenic and twisty, low traffic density, good road condition. Riverview Road runs along the Cuyahoga Scenic railroad though the Ohio Valley. The Road has some great tight turns and long fast straits. Some sections are newly paved; others are heavily patched and bumpy. The section that I ride the most starts at Pleasant Valley (E. of 77) just before Canal road. A great ride down to 303 where you can stop at the winking Lizard in Peninsula. If you continue south in to Akron, you will find some newly paved high-speed roads with easy turns. Watch for park rangers.

Southeast, State Route 555. Twisty, low traffic density, good road condition. Take US50 west from Belpre Ohio. Go about 8 miles, St Rt 555 is on your right. It runs about 80 miles north to US RT 60, 2 miles south of Zanesville. This road is very technical and tight. Not a speed road. It is full of tight off camber turns and rises that you cant see over till you are on top of them. The road likes to turn quick with no warning. Even fun at slow speeds. A good workout for rider + bike. Skinny road, low traffic, a few small towns, NO GAS or hard to find.

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