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North Carolina

Deals Gap, western North Carolina. It's located on the Tennesee / NC border in Northwestern NC. The actual famed run is (supposed to be) 11 miles with 318curves, you can buy the t-shirt proclaiming this. At the beginning of the run is a motel/campground that caters to motorctclists, it's called The Crossroads of Time. Camping in the lot out front costs about 10 or 15 bucks a night, and they have showers and restrooms. Bring food or plan to travel for it, their food is limited and so are the hours they provide it. They also sell lots of 'Deal's Gap' T-shirts and stuff. Be sure to visit the "tree of shame" outside, but try not to be a contributer (this is the tree that you nail a broken piece of your wrecked bike to). The run is terrific, your shoulders will be sore from so much left/right transitions. Contrary to some rumors I have heard online,the only Law I have seen there were only there to escort meatwagons. Aside from the actual Gap run, the surrounding countryside offers hours and hours of beautiful twisty, scenic roads: you can't take a wrong turn. There are also motels in Tuscakegee and Fontana Villiage, and definatly check out the Fontana Dam. It'a about an hour and a half West of Ashville, NC and about 25 minutes from Fontana Village. Leave your ego at home, you won't need it. This road makes even AARP beneficiaries on Goldwings feel like Miguel, and they will demonstrate by filing down their floorboards, in a satisfying display of sparks! See map of next entry.

Western North Carolina, northwestern South Carolina, route 178-64-276. Very twisty and scenic. Low traffic density, good, well-maintained roads. There is a great loop starting and finishing on SC Hwy 11 in Pickens County, SC. From Hwy 11 take Hwy 178 to Rosman, NC. Take Hwy 64 to Brevard, NC and get on Hwy 276 South which takes you back to Hwy 11 in SC. You will encounter everything from 30mph switchbacks to full tilt open S curves. Watch out for the Law on Sunday mornings. If you have time you can hit the Blue Ridge Parkway above Rosman, NC. It's a federally maintained scenic highway and speeding tickets don't go against your state driver's license (in some states).

Northwest Georgia, western North Carolina US 129 through Georgiaand North Carolina, Deals Gap (supposedly 300 turns in 11 miles), anyroad in the mountains. MAP

Western, route 276-215-64. Both scenicand twisty. Low traffic density, excellent road quality. This loop is aforest heritage scenic byway and crosses the Blue Ridge Pkwy twice. It'svery twisty and goes up and down the mountain twice. It's SW of Asheville,NC and easily accessible. The Blue Ridge camping Resort (704-235-8350)is on part of it making it a great base camp for tours in any direction. MAP

Western, US 441. VERY scenic and twisty, but low speed. The federal speed enforcement folk do not like folk going much over 35 or 45, depending on the stretch.. (That runs from Gatlingburg, TN to almost Dillsboro, NC. Mostly 2 lanes in a federal area.

Western, US 64 from Cleveland TN to Brevard NC. Both twisty and very scenic. Medium traffic density, and the road is generally in good shape. Taking 64 from Cleveland TN to Brevard NC takes you past a bunch of waterfalls, and the site of the White Water competition for the Atlanta Olympics. The road goes over the top of the smokies in that area, and offers what's said to be hundreds of waterfalls within a mile of the road. One actually falls into the middle of the road near the top of the mountains. (Fence around the hole in the pavement, with one lane dodging under a rock outcrop.)

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