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Natchez Trace. Both twisty and scenic, low traffic density, satisfactory road condition. The Natchez Trace runs from Natchez on the Mississippi River all the way to Nashville, TN. Similar to the Blue Ridge Parkway, it's one long controlled access park. Not a house, store, factory, or town for the entire length. There are frequent off ramps that lead to various small towns, etc. Plenty scenic areas, historic landmarks, picnic areas, parks etc. The speed limits are low and strictly enforced, but the twisties and scenery should keep you entertained.

Northwest, Hwy 1. Scenic, low traffic density, good road condition. Known as the "Great River Road", it runs parallel to Hwy 61, north to south along the Mississippi River, from south of Clarksdale to Greenville. Although you can only see the river from certain areas, the road itself takes you through some the most scenic landscapes in the Mississippi Delta Region.

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